Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Last King of Scotland, enough with the no underwear shots

Finally caught up with this one. I read the script last year and loved it.

Forest gives an incredible performance. There are some scenes in the 3rd act that are tough to watch. The supporting cast was excellent as well.

I need to keep watching movies like, Casino Royale, Scotland and The Queen to remind me why I work and live here. I was at the gym this morning and two of the monitors were on E!. After the top ten "celeb news items", they ran the top 25 sexiest hookups. Hilarious. More than half the couples are not together anymore ( I think this special was from last year) and several of the men are gay.

I am so over the new dynamic duo of Paris and Britney. Where are Britney's PR people? This is not the way to stage a comeback; partying with Paris, stepping in and out of cars without wearing underwear so the paparazzi can take photos of your vagina, wearing bad extentions, the list goes on.

One of my friends is tired of Britney using the "we're country" excuse. This friend is a Southerner who grew up in the country and has impeccable manners.

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