Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Queen, Rome and fishnet stockings

Okay first let me say I only watched the Bachelor this season because they shot it in Rome. I couldn't watch the whole thing last night. Lorenzo (the non Italian speaking, Italian Prince) is a knucklehead. His comment to Sadie was not gracious, there is a better way to break up with someone. Jen might be sweet but she seems like an airhead. I wonder what grades she teaches. Also, who shows up to meet someone's parents ("royalty" at that) wearing skin tight jeans and a spagetti strap tank top?) Overall I have a real problem with the concept of these shows in the first place. Do people not take matters of the heart seriously anymore?

Clearly Pam Anderson and Kid rock don't. After a very long marriage of three months they are getting a divorce. What was the point in getting married in the first place?

I'm glad Paula told me I can take out my landlord and move to France and not have to stand trial (joking). She stopped by my apartment last night to give me the notice about my rent going up. Ha, ha why did she write on top, second notice? I never received the first. She thinks she's slick.

This is one of my favorite times of the year for many reasons. One, I love the holidays and two, the Oscar screeners. I can catch up on all the movies I missed. I loved THE QUEEN. Helen Mirren was outstanding. I am not going to comment on the Da Vinci Code but I thought book was a fun, quick read.

Several bloggers and friends have asked me what it is exactly I plan to do in Rome? I would like to continue to work in film and write. That is why I can't just pack my bags and go. I will have a better idea of my time table after next year.

In my quest to dress like a grown woman I wore fishnet stockings and heels with my conservative outfit. My boss (a woman, not to worry) said I looked very sexy. Mind you I'm wearing a cashmere turtleneck and a herringbone print skirt from J Crew, a store which I see as preppy not sexy. LOL.


gibber said...

That's so funny...I purchased a pair of fishnets a few weeks ago and haven't worn them yet. I'm not sure how to rock them, honestly. I also bought a pair of boots...like, just below the knee boots. The last time I wore boots like that i worked at Sony and everone called them my CFM boots. Don't make me spell that out :)

Is this the skirt you brought at short hills? that's a great skirt!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Yes, It's the skirt from the best mall in America. LOL.

The heels I'm wearing are not that high so no CFM situation. I would not wear fishnets with short skirt but that's just me.