Thursday, November 09, 2006

Iron Chef America: Rachael Ray vs. Giada De Laurentiis

This is it folks. The show down is on Sunday at 9:00 p.m. This battle is right up there with the "Thirller in Manila" (Ali vs. Frazier), Knicks vs. Bulls (circa Ewing and Jordan), Red Soxs vs. Yankees.

Rachael will be teamed up with Mario Batali and Giada with Bobby Flay. Unfortunately Jeffrey Steingarten (sp?) the tough food critic from Vogue will not be one of the judges.

I think Rachael will win. She is the most popular personality on the Food Network, her daytime show is produced by Oprah, and technically she is the underdog so of course she will win. Giada is a trained chef, worked on the line at a very busy restaurant and can actually cook. I wish they had teamed her up with Batali. Flay is fine but I love Batali and now will have to root against him.

It should be Rachael vs. Sandra Lee of Semi-homemade. This seems more like a P.R. stunt ( a very good and effective one at that. Hello, I will be watching).

Speaking of food, last night on the Travel Channel they started airing a series Jamie Oliver shot in Italy for British Television. He spent a month traveling around the country in a van, eating and cooking. Last night he left London for Sicily and the second show he was on a small island off the coast of sicily where he worked in the kitchen.

Seriously, I want to just sell my crap and go. I would love to be back in a place where people enjoy eating and food is not just a means to an end. A meal doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. Some of the dishes from last night were very, simple. Jamie was told that some of his spices were overwhelming the flavors of the fish.

Some of my happiest moments in Rome had to do with eating. I would wake up the morning some days and the most pressing question was "Where to eat today?". I could sit on the fountain of Santa Maria in Trastevere and eat gelato all day. The pizza bianca (pizza with just olive oil and a little salt) from the Forno in Campo dei Fioro is worth standing in line for. I still think about the fava bean, truffle oil fava bean dish and Le Mani in Pasta. I also dropped a size in Italy. Let's see, now I eat less but I weight more. Something is not right. :)

In a few weeks I will be in another place where food is very important. I remember last year at Christmas my dad and I had to drive all over the island to find fresh mushrooms for a dish I wanted to make for dinner that. So much has to be imported and if you do not get to the supermarket early, the veggies will be sold out, or look very wilted. I learned my lesson. This time I will see what is available then cook with that. It's the same with the markets. My mom would rush out of the house so she could get to the outdoor market in Marigot before her favorite stand sold out of the yams, plantains and other food she needed.

Cannot wait until December 20th.


J.Doe said...

I like Rachel Ray. I don't know how she manages to stay so thin with all that good food though.

Susan in Italy said...

Hey! I'm going home for Christmas on the same day. Have a great time!

Kali said...

I can't help it, I love Rachael! She gives me great ideas for being able to come home after work and whip up a great meal in an hour or so (I can't do anything in 30 minutes! lol)

I'll have to watch the Jamie Oliver series; I love the Travel Channel.

You should pack up and head to Italy. Then I could live vicariously through you!

You are going to have a great time at Christmas with your family!

gibber said...

Rachel Ray is the devil. But ragazza, check this out. I'm meeting Anthony Bourdain next week. I plan on asking him if he'll be in SXM over xmas and maybe we could head to baie rouge for a drink at gus's. Seriously. I'm so excited.

here's the thing about miss Rachel. I'm sure she's fine and all. But she's not a chef. And she cooks with processed foods and MOST (not all) of what she makes is not healthy.

Yes, I watch her show because I'm a good cook and take her ideas and turn them into good meals. But she ANNOYS me to NO end.

Bring on the battle! I'll have to TiVo it because the Bears will be losing to my beloved Giants.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

sorry if this is a double post not sure what happened to my other one.

J. doe - good food? no comment

Susan - Grazie mille. Speaking of amazing food, I love your blog.

Kali - I know you love Rachael. :) See unlike Gibber, I am showing some restraint. I am not going off on her voice, her weird slang (Sammies, e-v-o-o) etc. I tried to watch her show but she uses too much pre-packaged food for me.

You will love the Jamie series. Not sure how many episodes there are. It's great. I almost booked a ticket last night after the show. LOL

I haven't been this excited about Christmas since I the year I received a Lite Brite and an Easy Bake Oven from "santa" (aka mom and dad)

Gibber - If Ms. Ray is the devil, why are you watching her show? ha! I don't watch Semi-Homemade. I do think the back lash is growing. Did you see the New Yorker article? Bill Buford broke it down. The Food Network is changing. Mr. Bourdain said in an interview he can see the day when they will kick Emeril to the curb (like Sarah Moulton) eventhough he helped build that network. In Bourdain's first book he called Emeril an Ewok but they met and now they are tight. Bourdain still hates Emeril's show but thinks he's a great chef. He is not a fan of Ms. Ray's.

Speaking of Mr. Bourdain. What does he have to do with politics? If you post on this blog you are meeting Denzel or Daniel Craig next I will hurt you. LOL.

Kali said...

Rachael does use lots of prepackaged stuff, but I like to take her ideas/recipes and modify them to suit my needs. My problem is that I'm a good cook, but I need help to come up with ideas! (I will agree that the "sammie" part is annoying! lol)

Ah, a Lite Brite and Easy Bake Oven. I spent many, many hours playing with those!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Kali - I wonder if Easy Bake Ovens still around. Yummo! (kidding)

Tracie B. said...


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

LOL. I don't know Tracie B.

gibber said...

HAHAHAHAAH. Tracie B you just made me cackle out loud in my office. TOO funny. And True.