Monday, November 20, 2006

French birth certificate and Daniel Craig

The two really have nothing to do with each. However, I received a copy of my French birth certificate with nice note from the French Embassy in NYC and saw Casino Royale this weekend.

First let me say all the Craig haters need to shut it down. He is the best Bond since Connery and closer to the Fleming books. Movie was a little long but very entertaining.

I am going to try to get to the French Consulate this week.

So looking forward to the long Thanksgiving weekend. I didn't write a damn thing this weekend I was so busy. Very frustrating. I am looking forward to working on the novel this week.

I'm done with my Christmas shoppping and won't have to brave the crowds on Friday. I might bake a apple crumble but other than that, I will be writing all day.


Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

French this so you can have an EU passport? Just being nosy. I don't know all the backstory (just like you folks in LA say, right? ;-)) but I am pretty sure you mentioned your goal is to get over here to live for a while?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Oui. I am trying to get my EU passport. I should have done it years ago. My parents are dual citizens and registered our births with the French Embassy.

My parents moving out of the country (back to St. martin) made me think more about the future.

I would like to move to Rome at some point (at least part time). Hopefully, within the next 3 years. In a perfect world I would split my time between the Caribbean and Italy.

I haven't done all the research but from what I understand it is much easier to get residency/work etc. in Italy as an EU citizen.

Janet said...

Sorry for being absent for awhile, but I'm trying to catch up my blogging friends today -- while I FINALLY have some time!

You have a wonderful Thanksgiving, please, and enjoy it for me! I'll be slaving away here in the UK, with only my dear husband to notice that it's an important day for Americans. He's fixing me chicken fajitas for Thanksgiving dinner! ;-)


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

thank you Janet. Enjoy those fajitas.