Tuesday, September 02, 2008

McCain could have avoided all this drama if he had actually vetted his VP.

This pick shows complete contempt for the American people.

McCain has been slamming Obama for his “lack” of experience. So why is Gov. Palin on the ticket? She is not qualified to be VP or President. She has admitted to not paying attention to Iraq. She said she doesn’t know what the VP does. She only received a passport last year. She doesn’t know anything about foreign affairs. She was a C student. She has been Governor for 18 months of a state with a population less than Obama’s state senate district. She is under an ethics investigation. She is a far-right creationist who believes in abstinence only sex-ed and is anti-choice. There’s more like her views on the environment but I’m getting salty just writing this stuff down.

Regarding her 17-year old daughter’s pregnancy,their press release made it seem like it was all the rumors regarding Palin’s son Trig (some believe he’s Bristol’s baby) that made them issue the statement about Bristol being 5 months pregnant. As if that would never become public. It’s interesting Palin asks for privacy and the far-right is trying to spin Bristol as some kind of role model “look she didn’t kill her baby and she’s going to marry the father.”

Please, you know if Chelsea Clinton had gotten pregnant at 17 the far-right would have slammed her Methodist mom and Baptist dad as “typical liberal heathens” with bad parenting skills. I love how they respect Bristol “choice” but want to deny that choice to other women. Fascinating.

McCain who really wanted to pick Lieberman, claims he knew Bristol was pregnant. Right. I wonder if this is going to be an Eagleton situation? Palin has been the pick for 72 hours and already there is drama. His vetting team is in Alaska now. Are you kidding me? You vet before picking someone.

Palin is the “family values” candidate. Really? Where are her family values? Why did she accept the VP gig with a teen daughter who is expecting and 4 month-old special needs baby? Did she think nobody would notice she actually doesn’t get to spend any time with her family, especially given her very vocal conservative views? I wonder how her daughter feels about all this? What is Mr. Palin doing? We haven’t heard peep from him.

If the GOP wanted a woman, why not someone qualified, like Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Elizabeth Dole, Olympia Stowe, Condi Rice, Christine Todd Whitman, etc. Obama’s vettors were even vetted but this pick seems like a last minute thing. Again, contempt. To think that HRC supporters would vote for someone who goes against every Hillary stood for is insulting. Hillary is crazy smart and busted her butt. Gov. Palin you would want to not mention 18 millions cracks again….you are part of the problem. Your wing of the party wants to seal the cracks with cement.

Yet even with all the cons against her (The two Alaskan papers said she is not ready for this job) she might end being the VP unless she drops out.

I do not underestimate Karl Rove. Remember this is a man who convinced enough voters that John Kerry, a bright, decorated war veteran was an elitist, French speaking pouf while George Bush who also came from an well-off eastern seaboard family, used his connections to avoid combat and was a cheerleader, was the mans man. Those swing voters picked the man they “could have a beer with.” Sigh.


michelle of bleeding espresso said...

I would *love* to hear from those Republican women you mentioned, and how they feel about being overlooked--NOT EVEN CONSIDERED--for Veep. Have you seen any comments from any of them? Or from any of the potential Veep candidates come to think of it....

So true about Chelsea too. Look how they dug into her for being (gasp!) an adolescent who was going through puberty. Mah. Karl Rove taking the high road (except for calling Biden "a big, blowhard doofus? Wow. Perhaps the world really is coming to an end.

Speaking of out of touch, though, "doofus?" Really?

michelle of bleeding espresso said...

See I was so fired up I didn't even close my quote marks *or* my parentheses! Now you know I'm mad ;)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

michelle - kay bailey hutchison said she never heard of Palin. That is show insignificant Palin was on the national stage.

McCain was leading toward Pawltey (sp?) and Romney but was told that they weren't anti-choice enough and that there would be a big fight on the convention floor if they were picked. He was vetting them, Lieberman and Tom Ridge for over a month. In end he went with Palin.

I haven't heard the word "doofus" since junior high school.

Anonymous said...

I totally second your emotion. This post was great.

girasoli said...

This pick was purely political. Who cares about the country? Country first??? Ha!!! It is all about scare tactics and distractions. Sadly there are enough Americans that have fallen for this in the past. Let's just hope that the horrors of Bush have finally woken up enough voters.

Our Republican Gov Linda Lingle, who raves on and on about how wonderful Bush is, LOVES Palin. She fooled us all when she ran. I can't wait til her term is over. She is supposed to be speaking tomorrow night. Not sure I will be able to stomach her speech.

I find it so interesting that someone how demands abstinence only education can get all of McCain's supporters behind her (or at least publicly behind her). Obviously abstinence ain't working and she is putting her daughter in risk of HIV and other STD's.

I would really love to hear Hillary speak out about the VP pick.

Great post!! I was waiting to hear what you would have to say about all of this.

girasoli said...

I guess my fingers were flying to fast also. I meant to say:
someone WHO demands abstinence only education

*Belgian said...

Great post! As a European I have been following the American politics a bit aswell, as it is also important for us who becomes president of the US. I was equally surprised by his pick. Is this because he desp. needed a woman, now that HRC isn't in the run anymore? is it because McCain is not seen as right-winged enough? Sad to see he picked such an incredible conservative.. pretty much anti everything.
On a positive note I do think that all the previous HRC voters who were now thinking of voting for McCain, will think twice.
I do feel for her daughter though, she can't help it having a mother like that and now she's with her picture and story everywhere.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

miss expatria - grazie. Now ABC news is reporting that she used to belong to a party that wanted Alaska to leave the Union. She left the party in the 90s but sent them a special video as Governor. Again, McCain and his people should have known about this before the press did. The 90s weren't that long ago and you wanted Alaska to do it's own thing. You want to be VP of the whole country now? Whatever.

girasoli - I say she comes out against Palin esp. since Palin is trying to go after HRC supports. Palins comments made a mockery of what Hillary is about. I don't get the whole abstinence only thing. Sex ed should be comprehensive, teaching teens about health, abstinence, and protection. You bring up a good point. Not only can you get pregnant engaging in unprotected sex...you can also get an STD.

belgian - I feel for Bristol too. This is a tough situation for any teenager to handle and now her business has been put on blast world wide. I think McCain wanted to get the evangelicals on board and figured he could get some of the PUMAs as well. The problem is he'll lose a bunch of independent voters and moderate women (republican and democrat) with this pick once her views become better known. This is not the same McCain from the 2000 election. What happened?

erin :: the olive notes said...

oh, I don't even know what to say about this...it's all so ridiculous, that I feel it was a national gag, and someday soon McCain will appear on TV saying it was all a joke...you know, to appeal as a light-hearted funny guy, who most American's "could have a beer with", and while at the bar, would elbow each other while laughing hysterically at the idea of a ex-beauty contestant with no experience in national leadership or foreign policy could be our next VP (and possibly Pres if anything happens to McC).

You know...a joke like that ;)

My Mélange said...

The whole thing just disgusts me!!!

And the spin the Repubs put on this is just amazing!!! I agree that Hutchinson and Snowe(sp?) should be ticked.

I have looked into her this past weekend and I don't like what I see. Drilling in Alaska, not thinking global warming is man-made, SUING the Fed Gov for listing Polar Bears as extinct b/c she wants to hunt them and that label interferes with drilling.

When she starts touting her experience on the PTA..it is time to pack it in!!!!

Not that I would EVER consider voting for that ticket anyway... McCain is CRAZY!!!

Tracie B. said...

meglio per noi!

Cherrye at My Bella Vita said...

I have nothing constructive to add to this discussion, but YEA - what you all said.

Seriously. I love Erin's idea that this is a BAD joke.

On the other hand, shouldn't we as yellow-dog dems be glad they chose someone who so obviously should NOT be the next VP?

Oh, but NYC ... Kay BH? Agh!!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

erin - I wish it was a joke but it's not. One of my friends thinks Palin won't step down because McCain has raised millions since he picked her. The base is energized.

my melange - I get hunting. I don't get hunting an endangered species!! The spin on this whole thing is mind blowing. Her supporters say Palin is more qualified than Obama? On what planet?

tracie b - d'accordo!

cherrye - I wouldn't vote for KBH but she def. has more experience than Palin. At first I thought this would help the dems but I don't know. Bush beat Kerry...anything can happen.

Anonymous said...

I was also shocked by McMain’s decision. The thing that shocked me the most about the news of Palin’s daughter was not the fact that she’s pregnant, but the fact that she’s going to marry her boyfriend. She's 17 years old. I wonder if this was truly her decision or was she told by her family that it was “the right thing to do.” Hopefully, it was truly her choice and it wasn’t forced upon her just to save face for the family. I don’t think anyone should be forced to get married just because they’re pregnant. If so, I really feel sorry for her.


Diana said...

Oh, no, I don't think you are all seeing this correctly. She is a very selfless woman. I mean, only a real Christian could give birth to a special needs child, then without regard to her own need to be a mother to that child, hightails it back to the state capital three days later.

I think she's a saint. Is she pumping milk do you think? Probably had the thing going while McCain was doing the four minutes of vetting her on the phone.

And it was so nice of her to offer up her special needs little boy as a tummy cover for Bristol during the anouncement. One Palin always covers for another, you know. Just ask her ex-brother in law.

Poor Bristol. She did look a bit like a deer caught in headlights. Now the whole world knows about all of those make out sessions on on mommy's dead bear sofa cover without anyone really explaining where babies come from first! Well, she knows now!

I am really happy for her. I hope she has a big wedding with a nice dress and all, and a 21 gun NRA salute to send her into married life. I hope she checks back periodically to let us know how she's doing.

So stop being so cynical, you guys.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Ms. Atl - on Bristol bf's MySpace page he said he didn't want kids. He seems like a typical 18-year old. Apparently once the press saw the page, someone cleaned it up. Palin eloped when she was pregnant so maybe she thinks this is just the way it is. Maybe the two kids are in love. I wish them luck. Marriage is tough.

diana - ha! You are too funny. Okay maybe I'm crazy but I thought special needs kids have well...special needs. Three days later she back? WTF? The whole flying 8 hours when her water broke? Something is just wrong about all of this.

glamah16 said...

Excellent post. You nailed it. Call me a modern independant, yet old fashioned woman. But as my Mommy would have have said after all this, 'Palin needs to sit her ass down and focus on her family'. If anything for the youngest child who will need care his entire life. And who was watching Bristol ?Obviously not her husband. Palins her life experince reflects many Americains.Isolated and unaware of the world outside of their own.And you call your self pro life , but will shot anything in your patch as a life long member of the NRA.Animal rights activists will love her! I was expecting a Carly Forina, Meg Whitman, Elizabeth Dole,etc. Much better feamle representatives if that was his sole aim. I almost wonder if he knew this was a lost cause and subconsiuously threw in the towel and sabtaged this before it got off the ground. JMO.

glamah16 said...

Oh and then they are interviewing these former Hilary supporters who are now supporting McCain. When called on how they switch their beliefs to support Palin it comes down the fact and that she's a woman only. How can you be Pro Choice and follow a ticket that is Pro Life soley because she's a woman? Makes me wonder about some of Hilarys supporters.It just will set back all what woman have acomplised.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

glamah16 - I don't think they thought this through which is why it shows really bad judgement. Picking a VP is not something to be taken lightly.

re: Those HRC supporters, clearly they weren't supporting HIllary the woman or her politics. It's an illogical vote. Not just because of the abortion issue, but because of all the issues important to Hillary. It would be like me support Clarence Thomas because he's black. Please.

Tui said...

You summed it up well here, "If the GOP wanted a woman, why not someone qualified?"

And amen to your final paragraph. It was heart-breaking to see how they slandered Kerry's character like that.

Quite frankly, I'd rather have a beer with Kerry!

J.Doe said...

It is interesting to me how people (Democrats) bring up Palin's lack of experience when Obama himself has none. He is running for the president. That's the first in command. That he has no experience is a lot mory scary and significant then a number 2 vice president.
As for her pregnant daughter, WHO CARES? Some critics of her say they are Pro-Choice but isn't choosing to have the baby and get married to the father
a valid choice too?

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with Palin's daughter deciding to have her baby. Things happen. I do have a problem with someone getting married just because they're pregnant; if they aren't sure if they are truly in love with the person they created a baby with. I sincerely hope that she and her boyfriend truly are in love enough with each other to have a life long commitment to each other. I prey that I am wrong to think that the decision was made more by her parents than by Bristol. I don't know of a lot of people their age who are really ready to make a decision to make a lifelong commitment to each other. Getting married when you're not even sure if you're truly in love just makes that young girl's life more complicated. It's not the 1950s anymore where pregnancy and marriage were expected regardless of the circumstances. As making a decision whether or not to move forward with a pregnancy is important, marriage should be taken just as seriously.


GypsyGirl said...

First I have to say I love your blog. I am living vicariously through you so keep it up girl!!. I absolutely agree with you that if the GOP thinks they are going to get Hillary voters they have another think coming. As a woman I am so insulted that they think I am going to vote for someone just because they have the same plumbing as me, talk about out of touch!

I hope that the American people see this pick for what it is, a desparate attempt to fool people into giving the GOP a third bite at the apple, heck I don't think they have even left a whole bite! Palin may not be that smart after all, she is allowing herself to be used for (McCain's) political ambition, the same McCain who accused Obama of doing and saying whatever it took to be elected, well!!!

McCain himself does not even know this woman after reportly meeting her only twice? Hello? Whose judgement is in question now?

carol said...

Dear Americans: you have no idea how worried the whole world is about this election. We're just hoping and praying everyday so you won't screw this up. This is so important, the world is in such a weird place right now, that we can't afford another four republican years.

Me and my friends use to talk about this election, and one thing we don't get it is how can anyone who once supported Hillary suddenly became a McCain supporter. And how can someone be 'confused' between McCain and Obama? Not that there's an obvious choice - well, there is - but the two candidates, their background and their plans are way too different. We just don't get these Americans... *sigh*

Great post, ragazza. The whole mess with the VP is embarrassing. Can you imagine this woman being the president of the United States of America? This possibility scares the hell out of me.

ninety9 said...

I echo the sentiments of everyone here (well, except for one). I'm going to assume one of the main reasons that McCain picked Palin was because of those Clinton turncoats. I'm not sure if anyone knows how substantial these people are; they're incredibly vocal but I'd like to believe that it's either just talk or they are really small minority. I suppose it remains to be seen.

As for poor Bristol, I'm sorry that her business is out in the open. But if Palin chooses to decide for me what I should or should not do with my body then Bristol, being a young woman in this society, should get similar treatment. We'll never know if it was Bristol's choice to keep her child and marry the father, but I suspect she didn't have much choice in the matter to begin with. Maybe Bristol is not so different from the rest of us after all. *Sigh*

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

tui - Kerry never even knew what hit him.

j-doe -Of course it's valid choice. The key word here is choice. Her mother wants to stop us from having it. Palin is campaigning as a "family values" candidate. that is why people are making a big deal out of Bristol's pregnancy. Regarding Barack. My response was too long so I'm going to make it a post.

ms. ATL - exactly.

gypsygirl - thanks for stopping by and for the props. If he had vetted her he would have realized that she left a tiny town with a budget deficit in the millions. What happened tp the party of fiscal conservatism?

carol - one of my friends said "well at least you won't have to live under a McCain/Palin presidency." However I agree with you...this is bigger that America. There are so major issues in the world right now. We can't have the Neocons in power for four more years.

ninety9 - I curious to see how many HRC supporters Palin brings to the table. She has rallied the base that was not happy with McCain at all. It's going to be a very interesting couple of months.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Amen, amen, amen.

GREAT post.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

jen - thank you. I'm looking forward to hearing Gov. Palin's speech.

carol said...

Exactly! It's bigger than America. We just wish all Americans understood that.

Well, you may not live under the McCain/Palin presidency, but you live under Berlusconi's. I'm honest when I say I don't know what is worse. =P

michelle of bleeding espresso said...

P.S. They couldn't pick KB Hutchinson b/c she's pro-choice, and that was the big concern with a few of the potential (male) VP candidates....

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

carol - Berlusconi..sigh. I do think he is very smart and I wish he would focus less on taking care of his ethics problems and work on the problems in Italy. You would think third time's a charm.

michelle - I didn't know KBH was pro-choice. Now I know why he didn't pick her.

michelle of bleeding espresso said...

I didn't either; I got curious and went and read her Wikipedia entry, which says she's against outlawing abortion and believes Roe v Wade was decided correctly:


Interesting lady for sure.

NewWrldYankee said...

Holy political nightmare, Batman! Most everyone said what I thought about your post, so I won't rehash. But I admit I never thought about Mr. Palin in all this - where is he? And also, doesn't her daughter having a baby as a young adult kind of blow the whole abstinence only education out of the water? In my mind those two contradict.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

newworld - thanks for stopping by. I can't even begin to list the contradictions.