Friday, September 12, 2008

Flashback Friday – The Osmonds "One Bad Apple"

The news has been depressing this week so I'm going way back to the 70s for today's Flashback.

Back to a time when Michael Jackson and Donny Osmond were constantly on the cover of "Tiger Beat".

Before the Jonas Bros, before Hanson, there were the Osmonds. Those harmonies, those smiles.

I'm not really into the Jonas Bros. I think they're okay. Hanson was and is a lot more talented.

This song was a monster hit on the pop and the r&b charts. Check out these outfits. Love it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


joanne at frutto della passione said...

THE OSMONDS!!!!!!!!!
Okay, I'm, fine now. I just had to get that out of my system.
I loved them. I really wish I could have seen the Oprah episode that they were on. Hey I would just love to see an interview with all of them now. Remember when Jimmy was on Fame!!!
I'm gettng a little too excited about this!

Diana said...

I was so into Donnie Osmund. I was never allowed to buy Tiger Beat but my friend Carol, who made wallpaper out of Bobby Sherman pictures, always brought the latest copy with her on the school bus. Those were really the days. Come home from school, eat chocolate chip cookies and watch the Partridge Family. Sigh. Thanks for the memories.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Oh, it's so nice to have a smile on my face.

Thank you.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

joanna - ha. No I do not remember Jimmy on Fame. Can you believe Donny is a grandfather now? Did the Osmonds ever do an ad for Crest of Colgate?

diana - You are so welcome. We were not allowed to watch too much TV but my parents did let us watch a few hours on Saturday morning. A cartoon or two and then the wonder Soul Train/American Bandstand double header. ha

jen - glad you enjoyed the clip. I was surprised to see how deep the shirts were opened given that they were strict Mormons but then again the scarfs do provide a cover up of sorts.

Ms. Violetta said...

I needed that flashback to remind me of simplier, happier times when I didn't know that Cocoa Puffs were 99% chemicals and when music was just 'fun'.

Can I make a request for Bay City Rollers flashback?
Prettyyyyyy Pleassseeeeee?

sdg1844 said...

I've always liked The Osmonds; liked The Jackson 5 more, but always dug The Osmonds. Nice.

Faith said...

Haha. Love those 70's skin tight pantsuits. But people had real talent back then, played instruments, choreographed moves and all. Nice. Everything's gone down hill musically wise since then.

Thomasina said...

Did my Osmonds thing in the 70's. Never realize how good the memories would still feel 30 some years later! Oh and how fast those years went! Sure do remember Jimmy on Fame. In those days, you had to actually stay home and watch--because there was no TiVO and any vcr's at that point were...$$$ The 70's gotta love em. I do.


dpp said...

who knew the osmonds could dance????

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

ms. violetta - I haven't heard that group mentioned in years!

sdg1844 - Same here.

faith - back then you had to represent in order to have any kind of long term career.

thomasina - so had to stay home if you wanted to watch something on TV. I still don't have TIVO and I don't have a VCR anymore. In L.A. all my friends were stunned I didn't have TIVO. ha

dpp - I saw them on some TV show...maybe American Bandstand. They could def. bust a move.