Friday, September 26, 2008

Flashback Friday – Miss South Carolina – Special VP debate edition

As I type this, the McCain campaign still wants to delay the debates. Move the Presidential debate, which is supposed to be held today, to the VP debate slot and hold the VP debate on a different date (when, some time after the election?).

What happens if McCain doesn’t show up? The debates have not been postponed. If he really felt the need to be in DC to deal with the bailout why not just flip the debates and have the VPs meet today?

I watched Gov. Palin on CBS. It was not good. While the McCain tried to spin the Gibson/ABC interview as sexist they can't do that this time. Katie is not known as a tough interviewer and Gov. Palin was terrible even though she had notes in front of her. Gov. Palin's answers were so incoherent even I was surprised. Her speaking style (I'll get back to ya" and she says "yeah" quite a bit) makes Bush seem like Bill Clinton.

I think the McCain campaign is worried the following would happen during the debates and that’s why they want to move it.

Once again, if McCain had vetted her he would have seen while she can give a prepared speech, she is terrible off the cuff. Gov. Palin did not have a good week. For George Will and other conservative Republicans to speak out about McCain's judgement, says a lot. Right after the convention she did bring a great energy to the ticket. Now that the dust has settled, she's actually hurting McCain. One, she overshadows him, two, because of her lack of experience and intelligence, she's limited on the campaign trail. That is a major problem. Your VP is supposed to be able to step in and pinch hit, any time, any where. It was made clear this week that she is incapable of that.

I don't think it's sexist or elitist to say Gov. Palin has no business being on the ticket. Watching that Couric interview made my stomach hurt and really pissed me off. We are facing major problems (it looks like Washington Mutual is going down and might be sold to JP Morgan) and this is who Steve Schmidt picks to be on the ticket? Are you kidding me?! I think she is worse than Bush. Seriously.

Have a great weekend.


joanne at frutto della passione said...

Now you've made me curious to find the interview on youtube. Up here in Milan, Linda and I think they're trying to postpone to give Palin more time to prepare. Mah, chi lo sa.

Romerican said...

I watched that interview also... it was so painful to watch, I my nearly vomited my breakfast. I am scared for the USA. Expats- make sure to request your absentee ballots & vote!!! PLEASE

milanesemasala said...

Joanne and I just finished watching the interview. "Tickle Me Elmo" would have done a better job!
And does anyone know if the debates are still on? The whole situation is getting almost as ridiculous as Italian politics. Or maybe McCain has taken a page from the Berlusconi school of debate: "When in doubt, get the hell out"

glamah16 said...

Another great post. Thanks for that clip. I am LMO at that. I remember the first time I saw that. And yes , thats what Palins responses reminded me of. I was worried a bit for Obama after all this Palin nonsense. But oddly I feel all this tide of misfortune will turn in his favor. America is a scary place and we need his ticket more than ever.

Rose in Cali said...

If McCain and his nutcase sidekick Palin win, please consider taking me on as a roommate. Can the country be so stupid as to vote for them?

J.Doe said...

And who is that Miss Carolina voting for? A good Youtube clip but I fail to see the correlation between her and the maybe next VP. If you wish to criticize Mrs. Palin's speech perhaps it would have been better to show a clip of her.

Diana said...

The correlation is clearly in Ms. South Carolina's and Princess Pipeline's common inability to stick to the subject - verb - object structure of typical 5th grader English language sentence, all the while making sure that the subject and the object have something to do with each other. I wanted to lay down and cry, long and hard, for our country when I saw the interview, ragazza. You could have given me a tissue and I could have made you some chicken soup for your upset stomach. It's absolutely sickening. She needs to go back to Russia - that's in Alaska, right?

Tina said...

I just watched the interview on youtube. Oh my god that woman is unbelievable. It hurts. It really really hurts.

Angie said...

Another conservative jumps off the Palin wagon:

Los Angelista said...

LOLOL!!! Maybe McCain can drop Palin and pick up Miss South Carolina!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

She IS worse than Bush. No question. On every level including, I believe, on a moral level, which is about as frightening as you can get. I loved the comparison with Miss South Carolina, who, is like, um, almost, I guess, um, like, intelligent, like, um, Sarah.

girasoli said...

I believe the same people who made excuses for Miss South Carolina are now sticking up for Palin! At least the polls are showing that Palin's ratings are finally dropping. Let's hope more people will see the light after her VP debate next week. Have you seen this YouTube video yet?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

joanne - I wonder because the bar is set so low now, if she can string together a sentence, the GOP will say she "won" the debate.

romerican - I just sent in my absentee ballot. I felt bad for her until I remembered that she could have said "no" to McCain's offer. Clearly she is not a reflective person.

milanese - That's right. Didn't Berlusconi refuse to debate Veltroni at one point?

glamah16 - The Couric interview should definitely sway some voters. It's not just about her but about McCain's lack of judgement.

rose in cali - I am getting quite a few requests for the couch. I really hope folks pay attention to voter fraud this time. I would hate to see 2000 repeated.

j. doe - what Diana said.

diana - Watching that interview, I wondered what was going through Sen. Palin's head. Does she realize that she is out of her league? I get that she was a big fish in a small pond but now she's in a ocean. I'm sure she was flattered when McCain asked her to be on the ticket but she should have turned it down.

tina - it does.

angie - the fiscal conservatives are pissed. And rightfully so. How is it that the party of "less govt'" has to ask the taxpayers for 700 billion?

los angeslista - you know he does have a thing for beauty queens. Seriously.

jen - I saw the clip of her preacher and that whole witchcraft thing. Bush is also a Born Again but he's not a fundamentalist. While Bush might not be the most articulate speaker and not a very curious person (the latter is not a good trait for a leader) he is brighter than Gov. Palin. I get the sense Bush knows his weaknesses and lets others run the show, Cheney, Rove, Rummy etc. Palin doesn't think she has any and that is very dangerous.

girasoli - that some in her own party are speaking out is deep. The election is only a few weeks away. I hope the issues are discussed during the VP debate and we get some concrete answers from the candidates. Thanks for the clip.

J.Doe said...

OK, I agree that Sarah Palin is not the sharpest tool in the shed, or even in the shed for that matter. Her general answers that had nothing to do with the questions asked makes me wonder what the VP debate will be like. I can understand now why the Republicans want to keep her out of the media. She needs help.
Still I think the comparison with Miss South Carolina is wrong.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

J. Doe - I bet because the bar is set so low, that she will end up doing better than expected during the debate. We'll see. She can't afford another situation like the Couric or Gibson interviews.