Thursday, September 18, 2008

Last week hot, hazy and humid...this week it's fall.

I am very happy about this. I've been in a screenwriting workshop all week so today was the first morning I went to work out in a while. I had to leave my warmup jacket on the whole time. Last week it was so humid I skipped a couple days because it was too sticky to even think about working out.

The Italian film company I sold the project to sponsored/organized the workshop and it was excellent. I'll post about it later. I'm trying to figure out how to write a post about it that isn't crazy long or too "inside baseball".

This morning when I was in the park I noticed the leaves are starting to change. There's a crispness in the air. I don't dislike other seasons but fall is my favorite (summer is too hot, winter too cold and spring allergies are not fun). I've missed it for the last ten years living in Southern California.

I loved the beginning of the school year. My parents used to taking us shopping for new fall clothes and school supplies (yes I was one of those geeky kids that got EXCITED about brand new notebooks). I think it was because a clean/blank page represented the idea of possibilities. Who knew what great things were going to happen during that year?

Moving west I never had a sense of time passing, or possibilities, everyday was the same old, same old. Seriously you could wake up in April and wonder what month (or year) it was. All the Botox, arrested development and everything being brand spanking new made me feel like Dorian Gray...nothing was aging. If I was born and raised there I would be used to it of course.

But I'm from the east coast and we have very clear seasons. While I didn't miss the cold, dark days of an east coast February, I am looking forward to the fall here.

I wish I didn't have to watch my budget so closely. After the park I walked down Via Condotti and there are many gorgeous clothes for fall. I can't wait to wear sweaters, tights, gloves, boots.

My closest space here might be less than a 1/4 of what I had in L.A. I donated a bunch of items before I moved and yet I still had to buy under the bed boxes to store my out of season clothes. This weekend I will be doing the switch from summer to fall. I don't have many fall/winter clothes. I didn't need them. Around January I might be sick of wearing the same things over and over again. Ha. Hopefully by then my economic situation will have improved. Glad to see that the dollar has gotten a little bit stronger. That helps.

I'm very curious to see what vegetables will be at my market. Now that it's not 100 degrees in my apartment I am going to start cooking again.

What is your favorite thing about fall?


Milanese Masala said...

I have to say that fall is my favourite season too. But I much prefer the Canadian autumn than the one here in Milan. I really miss seeing the leaves change colour and that crispness in the air.
I love fall/winter clothes too! But the "cambio di stagione" is a royal pain in the derriere ;)

joanne at frutto della passione said...

I love everything about fall. Coming from Southern Ontario, where the colours and smells of autumn were a big part of what made the season special. Italy (at least for the last several years) has dissappointed me from that perspective. Last year though we had a spectacular autumn here and hopefully it will be repeated again this year. The colours and the smells, the cool weather, wearing sweaters and jackets, I could go on and on, but maybe I should just write my own post ;)

Monika said...

Florence is the's like someone has turned on a switch to cold...actually make that freezing cold! I LOVE IT!!

Maria from Philly said...

Philadelphia is starting to cool down, this morning it was 57 degrees out and I had to put slippers and a light jacket on my son. I love the fall, seeing the colors change, the mums planted in the flower beds, pumpkins are already out and yesterday I bought my fall scented candles to get ready. You know your ready for fall when you look in your garden and your sick of looking at your spring flowers :-) Can't enjoy the clothes as much as you can being that I'm 8 months pregnant, but I love the jeans and a light sweater look!

erin :: the olive notes said...

So funny...I JUST typed in "Rome, Italy" on Wunderground before switching over to read your post. I've been wondering how I should pack for the trip next week! I guess I'll be packing a jacket :)

Tracey said...

Howdy! Fall here in Ohio is definately my favorite time, while at the same time, it makes me kinda melancholy cause it means it's time to shut everything down & put everything away. Gone is the patio/porch furniture, colorful flowers, tomato patches, but in exchange, the colors of the leaves are unbelievable. And this is the time when I start walking the walking track. It's easier to take off layers of clothes in the cooler weather.

casalba said...

Someone turned the switch here too. I was looking forward to it until it actually happened, because, now that it has, I realise I'm so very unprepared for the cold.

Don't want to be 'Pollyanna-ish' about this, but I love all the seasons, just as long as they behave themselves (and I'm ready for them).

Diana said...

I swear there was a touch of frost on the ground yesterday at 6.30 when I walked max. It is still nice and balmy during the day but the nights are really chilly up here near the Alps. I love this weather. Time to roast chestnuts.

erynchandler said...

it sounds like it's getting cold in italy a little earlier than normal this year....well according to the expat blogs i read.

when i studied a fall semester in florence i remember swimming in the Med well into mid October.

in any case, yes, fall is marvelous. and living in texas we see very little season change like you said. i love going to pumpkin patches and wearing scarves!

oh and college football :-)

sdg1844 said...

I love the leaves, cool air, clothes and new possibilities of Fall. It's the best time of the year.

Faith said...

Having grown up on the East Coast I can totally relate. Being a kid and playing in a snow storm is a different perspective than being a parent concerned about being snuck in one. I was in London during a Fall/Winter season and it was pretty freaky seeing the sun go down at 330pm. Living in San Francisco I don't get a season differential - it's basically just 65 degrees year round which gets boring.

gibber said...

Today is my favorite thing about fall. Just spent 45 minutes sitting outside a Starbucks, enjoying the fall breezes, bright blue skies, and coolish temps. My next favorite thing about fall will be when the leaves start to turn and you smell the fireplaces when you step outside.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Everything. I just love fall. Like you, those notebooks were the excitement of the school year, and I think for many of the same reasons. The new first day outfit was great, too, but really, the notebooks were cool. I still have my Zodiac Peter Max binder from 1970. ;-)

I love apples, burning leaves, cool, crisp air, excited children, crunching leaves under foot, farmers more relaxed and social at the market, pears, fires, turning on the heat for the first time, new classes of students.

Okay, I'll shut up now.

ninety9 said...

I'm also a fan of the change of seasons and fall is my favorite. Not too hot, not too cold, and the colors of the season are gorgeous. One thing I hate though, school has started back up and I'm inundated with work. yuk.

girasoli said...

Summer has always been my favorite season so I was never a big fall fan because that meant the end of summer and back to school. You would think that I would have loved fall growing up in New England but for me that meant raking leaves every weekend. The one thing I did like about fall was apple picking and apple pies. I was a summer/winter girl, loving summer and the beach and winter and snow, especially years when we had lots of snow. Now I get summer all year round (living in Hawaii) although we still have our seasons in a way.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

milanese - I got to see a little bit of a Canadian Autumn. The color of leaves reminded me of New England. Very beautiful.

joanne - ha. While flipping my closet will be a pain. I can't wait to bust out the sweaters.

monika - Seriously only a few days again I was sitting in my apartment, sweating. Now it's perfect chilly in the am/pm and warm (not hot) during the mid-day.

maria -eight months. you are getting close!

erin - yes the morning can be brisk and I think by the time you're in Rome for your return flight it will be even cooler.

tracey - yes it is. working out in hot, humid weather is no fun at all.

casabla - I don't think I will ever be ready for summer in Rome. It's too bloody hot and I don't have AC. :)

diana - I think the chestnuts come out here closer to November. Someday I hope to make to that part of Italy.

eryn - I love scarves as well. I remember going to pick pumpkins for Halloween...very fun.

sdg1844 - I think it is too.

faith - London is a great city but I can't get with the weather. One friend told me that in August they only saw 17 hours of sun the whole month. No can do. You're right about snow. As a kid it's fantastic, when you are trying to commute to work...not so much.

gibber - go Giants indeed. That fireplace smell always reminds me of home. There were days when I didn't feel like walking outside to the back of the yard to get wood for the fireplace. Then again I never really had to chop the wood, so let me stop complaining. ha

jen - yes, all those things I love about fall.

ninety9 - Yikes hopefully this school year won't be too bad.

girasoli - New England summers are very nice so I can understand your love of them. DC or NYC in August? Humid! :)

KimB said...

Arlene -- I looooooove fall, too. Growing up it meant COLLEGE FOOTBALL, and I can still get awfully worked up over my team (unnaturally so, some would say). I spent my after-college years in DC, NY, and Boston -- oh, Boston, where the weekend bike rides are photographic excursions, where around every bend there's a tree more picturesquely turned than the last one . . . .I love me some fall. . .

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

kimb- The leaves changing color was the thing I really missed seeing in L.A. Fall in New England is pretty special.

NewWrldYankee said...

You can feel fall in the air here for sure. One day, it was nearly 30, now it barely tops 15. (I can't believe I can finally talk in celsius now!) Btw, right there with you on school supplies. I am such a sucker for them. I love new notebooks and the like - colored pens, index cards, highliters - give me them all!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

new - I cannot speak in Celsius yet. ha.
Today was gorgeous!