Monday, September 08, 2008

A day trip to San Felice Circeo

San Felice Circeo is a small pretty town located on the coast halfway between Rome and Naples.

In THE ODYSSEY San Felice Circeo was the place where Ulysses fell in love with Circeo.

San Felice Circeo may not be the best place for a day trip unless you have a car. You have to take the bus and it’s a loooog ride, especially on the way back.

Sperlonga, further south, is more accessible because of the close train station.

The water here is not as clear as Sperlonga’s but it’s definitely nicer than Ostia’s.

This town is bigger than Sperlonga and there are many Romans who have second homes here.

The Historic Center is up the hill. Let me tell you, it's a more of a mountain. I asked for directions and folks said, " oh just make a left and go up the hill." The hill is steep and the road is curvy. After sweating buckets, I reached the top. The view was worth it.

The Historic Center is small, with a nice piazza under the clock tower.

More photos on my Flickr page.

I still need to upload my photos from Orvieto. I’ll try to do that this week.

A view from the top.

This was taken earlier in the day. By 11:00 a.m. the beaches were packed.

Inside the Historic Center.


Petulia said...

I love San Felice circeo. I was there just a few weeks ago and actually blogged about it.

My Mélange said...

It looks lovely. I love those colorful beach umbrellas. Thanks for the tour :)

glamah16 said...

You are making your way around the country. Do you think you will ever get a car. Its not really needed I guess in Rome. How about renting oneon occasion. Is that exhorbitant there?

sdg1844 said...

How beautiful. I've always loved how present the past is in Italy. It's not relegated to just museums. It lives an breathes everyday.

Stephanie said...

Lovely pictures, Arlene! By the way, I can't for the life of me remember which post I commented on before, so I have no idea if you responded. And I forgot to check the "e-mail follow up comments to me" box. Anyway, hope you had a great weekend--italy is beautiful!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

petulia - I went and checked out your post. Maybe next time I should stay over night at that hotel. It's a very beautiful area.

my melange - you're welcome.

glamah16 - I will try to get my italian driver's lic. early next year. My American one will expire and I don't want to not have a license. I don't need a car in Rome but I hope sooner rather than later (like 2 years vs. 20 years) I will be able to buy a little house somewhere driving distance from Rome (I wouldn't give up my apt.) Then I would buy a car.

sdg1844 - so true.

stephanie - thank you. yes did leave a comment on the post about my writing job and I replied.

We Are Never Full said...

oh oh JEALOUSY. major major jealousy. so beautiful!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...


I think I'm getting a little, mini vacation just looking at your lovely photos.

Wow, on days when you wonder if you made the right decision, this kind of day must make it all worth it.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

we are never full - hey I'm jealous of all the amazing food you make.

jen - yes, days like this do balance out the stressful ones.