Monday, October 30, 2006

shock and awe

I finally step on a scale yesterday. I don't own one and I'm not one of those women who weight myself everyday. I could tell I was getting heavier since my clothes were not fitting and I seem to be a little sluggish lately.

I decided to weight myself at the gym yesterday, just to see what I am working with. As I kept pushing the bar further up the scale, I was shocked then awed. How the heck can I be this heavy? Folks we are at Defcon 5.

I hiked Runyon this morning and was very winded. Not a good sign. Runyon is one of the easier hikes. I have to be in the Caribbean, in a bathing suit in less than two months. I am motivated to get back into shape.


Tracie B. said...

beach? caribbean? who cares! enjoy yourself :)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Oh I plan to Tracie B. but I hate feeling so blah. I also cannot afford to buy a new wardrobe, so bumping up a size would not be a good thing. :)

J.Doe said...

Are your clothes tight?
If you go to the gym and hike you might have lost fat but gained muscle. Muscles weigh more so even if getting on a scale doesn't work in your favor you might have lost inches.
A few years ago I actually gained weight and my tight clothes became loose.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

j doe. - yes my clothes are tight, that is why I know I haven't gained muscle...just fat. ha.