Thursday, October 19, 2006

Project Runway: Finale

What happened to Michael? It seems once Uli took his muse, everything fell apart.

I have mixed feelings on Jeffrey's win. His was the most fashion forward but I didn't like his stank attitude during the season. He kept referring to the other designers as amateurs. I don't know why someone with a successful line and full staff is allowed to compete. Jeffrey probably would have made it to Fashion Week without the show. He is a L.A. based designer who works with celebs. Some how with his connections he would have had a shot. I'm not sure the other three finalists would have had the same opportunity.

I appreciate the craftsmanship of Jeffrey's clothes (esp. the green/white striped dress), but only 1 percent of the population could actually wear them. When it was down to the final two, although I knew Jeffrey had it in the bag (oooo, he is so edgy!) I was rooting for Uli. I liked her collection and her model was a bad ass. Hopefully she'll get some work. I don't really remember Jeffrey's model.

Some of Laura's dresses were stunning. I think she did get the most applause from the audience. I don't know what happened to the two previous Runway winners but I think we will be seeing more from the finalists last night.

Sfashionista sent me some link saying Brandy and Michael were "together". I don't gossip (ha) so I can't even comment.

In the trades yesterday were articles on how the ratings for the Flavor of Love finale broke all kinds of records. Again can't comment.

I cannot wait until the weekend. It has been crazy busy this week. My committee chair told me yesterday we might get some additional volunteer advisors. I hope so. I am constantly on the phone or sending emails to the women in my group trying to answer their questions.


franca said...

Hey NYC, how are you? Hope all is well. I saw Project Runway and I was surprised at Jeffrey winning. I thought Uli was going to win. And I also saw Flavor of Love and the way it ended made me think that he's a jerk. New York is not the most likeable person, but she's not so terrible and I actually felt bad when he didn't pick her. Why did she put herself through it again anyway? Who knows and oh well :). Do you think they'll have a third season of Flavor of Love? I hope not, because it was really painful sitting through the 2nd season, which is thankfully over.

stacey said...

I think it's so appropriate that Franca writes, "it was really painful sitting through the 2nd season" of flavor of love. As though it were required viewing! But believe me, I'm not passing judgment; I can completely relate. I was disgusted with the concept and I know I had the choice not to watch, but somehow I logged a couple of episodes throughout the season. (Don't worry, I washed and sanitized my tv screen thoroughly afterwards.)

And don't even get me started on Project Runway...

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

franca...I'm good. They are not going to have Flavor of Love III. Another film exec told me that Miss New York is going to be the Flavorette. They are still taping. Not sure when it will air.

Stacey..I couldn't look away my damn self. I can't even begin to imagine what type of men they are going to have on Flavorette of Love.

gibber said...

I have to say...I would watch at least the first episode of Flavorette, because New York is HILARIOUS. That said, it's terrible TV and we shouldn't watch, blah blah blah... :)