Friday, October 20, 2006

Marc Anthony, "Todo A Su Tiempo". Writing and more writing

Yes, it's Friday and I am thrilled. I started reading the novel last night and I'm working the red pen like there is no tomorrow. I need to make the first act tighter. The book is about Rome and I should try to get my protagonist on the plane sooner. Still having some trouble with the male lead. I know what he looks like, what is his interests are, his family, friends and how he sounds, but his dialogue is a different story. It would help if I were sitting in La Mani in Pasta in Trastevere listening to men speak. The things we must do in the name of research. Ha.

I like to write to music and I have been playing the same CDs over and over again. I wanted to mix it up and play something I haven't in a while. I try to trade or sell CDs I never listen to but there are a couple that I hold on to for some reason.

Marc Anthony is a great singer. I liked his English language CD but his first two CDs are amazing. I have his second one "Todo A Su Tiempo". I don't think I have listened to this CD since I moved here from NYC.

I put it on and now I remember why I bought it in the first place (tracks number 4,5 &8 are my favorites). While he gets more press these days as Mr. Jennifer Lopez, Marc is huge in the Salsa world. I remember maybe six words of Spanish but it doesn't matter, I dare anyone to sit still while listening to this CD. I assume "Te Conozco Bien", means I know you well? It's very similar to "te conosco bene", which is Italian for I know you well.

Salsa music always brings me back to my pre-suburbs days. I would hear this music on the way to school (P.S. 104), the bodega around the corner from our apartment, at home and from one of the neighbors. They had two kids as well and the mom was a great cook. I do remember going over one day and she was making some dish with octopus. I couldn't wrap my 8 year old head around that. I can still see it on the kitchen counter. It freaked me out. She was from Puerto Rico and spoke mostly Spanish at home. I used to be able to speak some Spanish, now I'm down to those six words.

When we moved to Verona there was only one Hispanic family in town. My brother went to school with my classmate's younger sister. She tried to front like they were Italian-American. I get kids wanting to fit in but that is just crazy. Everybody knew they weren't Italian.

Tonight have a friend's birthday party. During the next five weeks I have 8 friends celebrating birthdays. Then we roll into the holiday season. Man, this year is flying by. Other than the party tonight, I cleared my schedule for today. No conference calls and I'm turning off my phones until later this afternoon. The next four days I am devoting to working on my book. This is the biggest chunk of consecutive days I have had in months. If I can get Matteo's dialogue down, I will be a very happy person.

Ciao tutti. (good bye everyone) Have a great weekend.


Ms Adventures in Italy said...

let me know if you want any help with slang / phrasing of Italians speaking english :)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Grazie Ms. Adventures. I'm still trying to figure out how to put accents on words with the freaking keyboard. See examle below: That is not correct.

Non e` vero.