Wednesday, October 25, 2006

french passport speed bump, bachelor Rome

Zut allors!! I met with a French teacher today to fill out my forms only to realize that I need to contact the French Embassy in New York to get a more recent stamp on my French birth certificate. We are supposed to apply for a passport within 6 months of receiving said document. My stamp has a date from last year.

Work is crazy busy and I have a slew of jr. league meetings next week. I just have to hang on until thanksgiving, then it will slow down.

Re: the Bachelor Rome. I'm not going to lie, this show is hilarious. I'm glad he picked Agnese just so we can see shots of Venice next week. That Lisa chick, the one with the timeline? Someone needs to school Lorenzo quickly. She has to go.

I assume he's going to pick the Sadie the virgin but I could be wrong.

Okay I have a ton of work to do and need to make something for dinner. ET is on in the background. I'm going to turn it off. Can someone please tell me the fascination with Anna-Nicole Smith's drama and Barry Manilow's hip replacement surgery?


moscerina said...

hey-- have you ever listened to Gianna Nannini, kind of italian joan jett, might be able to help you with dialogue. Also, Le Vibrazione... they might get you more in the Italian mood. Or else you could just ask me to recite some stuff my ex-boyfriend would say... happily he is dumped.
hope you are feeling better,
xox e

Annie said...

I love Sadie, but rumor has it Lorenzo was spotted recently out on the prowl, so in the interest of her not getting hurt, I hope he doesn't choose her. ;)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Glittertip: thanks for the "tips". I'm feeling much better. thanks.

Annie: really? I don't think he would pick Agnese, since he can't really speak with her (hello, is he even trying to learn Italian?). Lisa is fake, so maybe he picks the boring Jen (I think that's her name).