Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Bachelor Rome: WTF!?, Raul Bouva

Yesterday was not a good day for Italians on ABC. First Agnese got the boot and then Raul Bouva's character was killed off on WHAT ABOUT BRIAN?

Agnese was upset but Lorenzo is a stronzo (shithead). If he liked her so much, he could have made some effort to learn more of her language. He was born in Italy and his parents are fluent. What's the problem? How could he pick Lisa instead, the psycho timeline girl? I think the ratings or producers had some influence. God forbid he picks a foreign chick. I like Sadie but she like the other two is pretty young and not very mature. I don't think he's getting married to any of these women. I did hear he is actually a nice guy from a friend. That may be but he should not have sent Agnese home. Perhaps she was too classy and grounded.

Poor Raul, the only reason I was watching this wanna be THIRTY SOMETHING was for him. I'm done. For some reason although the show deals with some heavy issues, it feels like play acting. Sorry Dave and (forgot the wife's character's name) you are no Hope and Michael Stedman.

I finished two books but need to leave for bootcamp class. I'll try to post about them tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you about the Bachelor Rome....WTF?? He eliminated her because he can't speak his own language!!?? If they are promoting this show based on the fact that he is an Italian Prince, call me crazy, but he should speak Italian!! I think he felt intimidated by her family because here he is a Prince of their country and they spoke the language and he didn't. It would have been the perfect opportunity for both of them to learn from each other. Lame excuse he used and I'm not watching that show anymore! AND the fact that he picked the psycho with her timeline and wedding dress...yikes!

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Sounds like fun, too bad I don't get that over here... but the prince doesn't speak Italian? Molto divertente!

And...boot camp class? Girl, that sounds scary--is there a drill sergeant who whips you all into shape?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

E & I - I know the whole thing is crazy. Molto stupido. Maybe Agnese is lucky she didn't end up with Lorenzo.

Shelly - no he is not a real drill sergeant but the class is tough. The first time I took it, I thought I was going to be sick.