Friday, October 27, 2006

Luther Vandross, Madonna and the Santa Ana winds

The song of the month has been Luther's "Shine". I heard the Freemason's mix at the gym and I thought it sounded like him but I wasn't sure. Then I heard the CD version on the radio. The single is new and released as part of a greatest hits CD for the late singer. I heard the CD is not great. Many of of classics are not on it and some of the songs are cut short. I know I have another greatest hits CD, released a couple years ago, somewhere in my collection.

I didn't know Luther used to sing back up for Chic. I do remember him singing back up on David Bowie's "Young Americans" single. Luther had one of the best voices ever. He did sing alot of covers but made them his own. I wasn't crazy about his later material. To me the 80s-early 90s were my favorite Luther years. So talented. Sorry he had to go too soon.

Re: Madonna. I have a ton of work to do today and want to get some writing done. I don't have time to really get into the whole Madonna adoption scandal. I did watch her on Oprah. My co-worker came in (she has two young children) and we both were crying when we saw and heard where David was living. What really got me was the orphanage said no one had visited him since he was dropped off at 2 weeks old. He is only 13 months but has had malaria, TB and pnuemonia. For a year I worked with the Hollygrove foster home in Hollywood (what we used to call an orphanage has since closed. LA county has shut down all their homes) and sees what happens to kids who don't get adopted, placed with a family member, or a good foster family. At least in America, until they are 18 they will go to school (the quality of the education is another story) and might have a shot at a decent life. David's other siblings are dead. If he had not been adopted, the chances of him making it to age five were slim.

I know Madonna is controversial and loves to court the press, etc. I don't think she did this a publicity stunt. The adoption is not final and won't be for 18 months. I feel bad for the dad who is probably having family members cursing him out for not getting some money or something and has press from around the world at his front door. It must be overwhelming. He had no idea who Madonna was. He put his son in the orphanage because he did not want to bury him in the village. I think the mom died at child birth. Anyway, the photo of David laughing with Guy is touching. He is a beautiful baby.

The Santa Ana winds are back. It's going to be 90 degrees today. Some asshole started a fire near Cabazon (about 40 minutes from Palm Springs). The fire started yesterday and has killed 4 firefighters. The wind shifted the flames and a wall of fire engulfed them. Over 38 miles and 23,500 acres are burning. The winds are making a terrible situation worse. Homes have been destroyed and only 5% of the fire is contained.I hope they find the arsonist who is now wanted for murder.


gibber said...

This fire is crazy. I'm watching scenes on CNN and the wind is just whipping those flames around. Whoever started this fire should be shot!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I know. The firefighters who died were trying to put out fire threatening a home. They never had a chance. sad.

Tracie B. said...

i will only get upset about the adoption if jessica simpson jumps on the bandwagon. or britney spears...

Anonymous said...

It's terrible about the fire. Some people are so selfish and have no regard for human life.

I'm not a Madonna fan but I do think the adoption was made with the purest intentions and I commend her for that. I also watched Oprah and the pictures are truly touching. The only thing that bothered me was the fake accent. Who knows, maybe once you live in a foreign country long enough, you pick up that particular accent. Although I have to tell you, my husband has been here for over 10 years and he still has the same Filipino accent he had the day he landed here.

Ah, Luther....I love his voice and he did leave this earth too soon. I have one of his concerts from London on DVD and it's one of my favorites. He is definitely missed.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

tracie b. - that would be scary. Jessica has already talked about adopting. I hope she waits until she is much older. I can't even comment on Ms. Federline.

E & I - I'm not sure about the accent either. LOL. My parents after living in the U.S. for a while still have slight accents. Maybe it only works the other way around. As kids when we went to St. Martin to visit my grandparents, my siblings and I would start speaking with West Indian accents. I do know since living in So Cal I speak (and walk) a lot slower. The only time people hear any kind of New York accent is when I say words like "called" (I guess it sounds more like "cawled", yikes).

gibber said...

Some people just pick up accents faster than others...we totally would come back from St. Martin speaking with a west indian accent (which would piss off my parents for some strange reason). And after my summer in France, I found myself not only slipping in french words into my everyday language, but I was saying engligh words with a french accent. When I was at UVA, I'd catch myself speaking with a southern accent (and that pissed me off). So, I dunno if madge is faking it, but it's totally possible :)

Now as for Tina Turner's accent...she started speaking that way BEFORE she left the country. Go figure! hehehe

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

LOL. Tina Turner is from a small southern town, not sure how she picked up an intercontinental accent before she moved abroad.

I think mom and dad got annoyed because we weren't "speaking in our own voices".

Accents are funny. I was so frustated by my horrible French one, I basically gave up on trying to speak the language. I was nervous about taking up a language again. I thought I might be one of those people who does not have a facility for languages. However, I have been told I have a nice Italian one (by Italians and non Italians). Go figure. Maybe Italian and Spanish are more my speed.