Monday, August 21, 2006

Writing and a big thank you to Sen. Barack Obama, Clive Owen and Daniel Craig

First, arrivederci to David, who taught his last spinning class this morning. David is leaving Equinox to go back to U. Of Michigan. I met half the people I know in Rome through David. I also heard some very good music. One of my "gym friends" asked me why I didn't go out with David. He's smart, funny, cute and has a sick body. Yes the brother is all those things and gay.

Second, continuing with my opposite plan, I am looking forward to Saturday. Before I was dreading this birthday and was planning to sit on my couch all day and eat pie. Instead this week is going to be AGfest. JCinNYC kicked the festival over the weekend. She is going to Nantuket for vacation so she sent a gift early. It was a nice surprise when I went to my mailbox and found a box addressed to me. She sent me a copy of her favorite book on writing, a mixed CD she burned, a CD on how to get unstuck, notes and my manuscript marked up. Man,I'm seeing a lot of red pen.

So that is it on the notes front for now. Overall, I am feeling really positive. 80% of the notes from three writers (different backgrounds and genres) were similar. I received some great feedback and very constructive critcism. I do have a lot of work to do but excited with how the rewrite is going so far. Saturday I wrote from 9 a.m. broke for lunch (and watched the Food Network then the Travel Channel which had a show about the Amalfi Coast. sigh) went back to writing until 7 p.m.

Sunday bought flowers at the Farmer's market wrote from 10 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. Took a break to read Elle Decor around 4. I knew I really wanted to dig into the book this weekend so I read what I needed to read for work on Friday. This weekend I turned off my phones, cranked up the music and got to work.

Thursday I was walking past the newsstand with my co-worker when I saw a sight that tells me there is a God. The following magazines were next to each other: Men's Vogue, GQ and Esquire. The covers were: Senator Barack Obama, Clive Owen and Daniel Craig. I almost passed out. These men are smart, charming and freaking fine. I think Daniel is the youngest at 39, the other two are in their 40's. I know some people are up in arms about Daniel Craig being the new Bond. The haters need to stop. He is the only reason I will be seeing this movie opening weekend.

I'm a grown woman, I like men not boys. There have been several articles already about what is going on with American male actors. If wasn't for Denzel, the Brits and Aussies, we would have maybe 2 leading men. Casting directors are complaining about it all the time. What is this about? Movies are geared towards teenagers so the actors are younger and smaller? Is it something about our culture, post 80's? Is it the cult of celebrity gone crazy, i.e. blank, pretty boys, who cannot act being cast in movies?

Think about Brando at 29 in "Streetcar", Newman in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" at 30, Redford in "The Way we Were", De Niro in "Godfather 2". All of these men were good looking but they are actors first. All came from the stage and when they were on screen you couldn't keep your eyes off of them.

Ashton is on the cover of Details, no comment.

My sister sent my the following link. Enjoy


gibber said...

GOOD DAY IN THE MORNING. I swear to GOD...if I wasn't married, and if Clive Owen was like "what's up"...I'm just saying. Is this a family blog? No? I'd f*** him six ways to Sunday. That man is FINE. Oy!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

LOL. I hope you don't say stuff like that around your husband.

Janet said...

And *I* have ALWAYS said that Denzel could eat crackers in MY bed ANY TIME HE LIKED!

I'd run off with him if he asked.

And I've felt that way since his "St Elsewhere" days, too.


gibber said...

I'm just sayin...