Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Michael Jackon, the man I was supposed to marry, is 48 today

How is that possible?

I used to love MJ and the Jackson Five. I think it started when I was five. I still have the album "Looking through the Window." My parents gave me the ablum for my 7th birthday and it was one of the best gifts ever. Since my parents are West Indian I couldn't cover my bedroom with posters but I did have all the teen mags, books and anything about the Jackson 5. I wish I save my lunch box, it's probably a collector's item now.

I don't remember this but my dad said he came home from work one day and I was sitting on the couch crying. He asked my mom if everything was okay. She said I was fine I was crying because the Jackson 5 were on TV. Ben, would make me cry (I didn't know it was about a rat), I Want You Back and The Love You Save, from the "ABC" CD still make smile.

Michael was older than me but I felt he was really singing to me and my friends. We were still living in New York then and all the girls in my building loved Michael too. We would talk about MJ all the time. Not only was he a great entertainer, he was so cute. He had the baddest 'fro and a great sense of style. Jermaine was cute too but waaaay too old for us.

As I got older I still had mad love for MJ. "Off the Wall" was/is one of my favorite CDs of all time. Produced by Quincy Jones, it was one hit after another. I did notice something seemed different. It would be crystal clear with his next CD, "Thriller".

I "broke up" with Michael Jackson when "Thriller" came out. I loved the CD, PYT, Billie Jean, Human Nature, The Lady In My Life, all great songs. It was a variety of reasons. He had a very wet jehri curl, his nose job was too severe and his skin was getting lighter. What was he doing to himself? Then he started hanging out a lot with Webster. He "dated" Tatum O'neal and Brooke Shields. MJ wasn't feeling the sisters so I had to cut him loose.

My parents sent me to Holland to visit some cousins one summer. I was walking through a record store and saw a poster for "Bad". It took me a minute to realize it was MJ. I thought it was Paula Abdul at first. That was when he started hanging out with the Culkin kid.

John Singleton directed the "Remember the Time" video and MJ had his hair styled like Veronia Lake. I met him a couple years ago for work and it was surreal. His skin is so pale it's almost translucent and his nose is literally about to fall off his face. He is taller than I expected over 6 feet.

When I left the meeting I was so sad. How much did his father mess him up? He hates being black so much he made sure his kids wouldn't be black. He clearly had a white sperm donor. I have bi-racial relatives and friends, those kids he had with Ms. Rowe are not. When you bleach your skin your DNA does not change. Why doesn't anyone in his family help him? I'm not even going to touch his fascination with young boys.

It's all too sad. However, I thank MJ for years of amazing music. I'm going to put on "ABC" now.


Susan in Italy said...

Man, and who IS Mrs. Rowe anyway? I remember after all the wierdness, hearing that he married some woman and had children with her. The idea he has a real relationship with her seems impossible to me. Do you know anything about her?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Not really.

She used to be an assistant at his dentist or plastic surgeon's office.

She has been in the news lately because she is suing for visitation rights. MJ said he has given her 8 million dollars and she broke their agreement by talking to the press. She hasn't seen her kids in years. The whole thing is bizarre.