Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Spike's Katrina doc

I had to stop watching it. I was getting too upset. There is so much blame to go around. From the federal, state and city level, the people who refused to evacute, to the developers who build in places with a complete disregard for mother nature, the list goes on. A year later and things are still a mess.

One of my friends works for the non-profit Share our Strenght. She has been spending a lot of time in New Orleans. On the one year anniversary many restaurants across the nation will be donating money to help the Katrina victims. If I can find the link I will post it.


gibber said...

You should fight your way through it. It's very very good. While there is plenty of blame to go around, the majority of it lies with the feds. Little known fact - 80% of the residents evacuated. That's the biggest evacuation of a major citry in the history of america. Not bad. Problem is, those that stayed, they didn't take care of them. But most importantly, the federal government, who can drop MREs over live battle zones in Iraq, couldn't get their asses to New Orleans for DAYS. UNBELIEVABLE. We mobilized in indonesia in TWO DAYS. Disgusting.

And let's not forget, Holland is 65% under sea level. They INVESTED in levees that would protect them from the 1 in 10,000 storm (they said this in the doc). ummm, if they can do it, why can't we? Maybe because we don't care enough to protect a city that's majority black? Don't get me started. We find money for every such thing, but we can't fix these damn levees? Puh-leaze.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I'm going to try. It will be repeated next week. I didn't know 80% of the people evacuated.

I know the power went out and communication was difficult but I agree with you there was no excuse for the poor planning. When sept. 11th happened there was chaos and communication problems also. Nobody knew if there were more attacks coming but did the city not shut down immediately and Rudy (regardless of how people felt about his politics) was down there immediately. Where was the gov't when poor people were dying in the Superbowl? Looking for Bin Laden?

As a former publicist I would have told Condi perhaps it's not a good idea to go shoe shopping during one of the worst disasters in American history.

I read in a review that some of the Katrina victims are not going back because the schools and services are better where they are now. It is going to take a long time for the city of New Orleans to recover.

I read other countries offered to help us but we said no we have it covered. Is that right or just some crazy rumor?

Kali said...

From what I understand, the majority of those who didn't evacuate didn't have the ability to do so (whether for financial or mobility reasons), and had come to rely on the government's help. Then when they truly need the help, nobody was there.

My husband was watching the show, but it upsets me to see the pictures again. :-(

I didn't make the connection that on Sept 11th help arrived pretty much immediately...very interesting!

Janet said...

I wish I could see the film soon. Don't know when it'll be available in the UK. But believe it or not, I saw Spike Lee interviewed about it on one of the SABC channels while I was in Cape Town.

I used to get to go to New Orleans at least once a year for oil industry functions. I love that city. It's so weird, spooky & funky sometimes...but I love it. It's a "real" place, unlike so many American cities, with all its warts and all.

I just can't imagine the US government abandoning citizens like that. It's shocking.

And alhtough I really hate to say it, I'm SURE that a "whiter" city would have been taken care of sooner.

There. I'm off my soapbox now.

If you DO manage to see the entire film, let me know please.

And also PLEASE post that URL for us.


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Janet not sure when it will be on in the UK. I'm sure there will be a DVD at some point.

Class had a lot to do with it as well. Clearly the wealthier residents, of all races, were able to leave. I hope some leasons can be learned from all this.

Here is the website for Share our Strength. There is info about the Katrina fundraiser they are doing with American Express.

gibber said...

I think a few countries offered us help - like Cuba and Venezuala - and we turned it down. I can sorta understand why the administration would do that.

Condi shopping for shoes and THEN taking in a broadway show - unbelievable. Spike then showed her two days later filled with grief about what happened. PUHLEAZE. Bush went to a FUNDRAISER in California before he decided to come home. Check out this timeline and see Tuesday at 2pm...he's playing guitar while people are dying.

My government disappoints me sometimes.

The toughest part of the doc was Terence Blanchard's mother. Had me in tears. And now all these people who aren't getting their homes covered. The actor - i can't remember his name (he was the bad manager in Ray) - when he told the story of how the insurance company screwed his sad.

I love New Orleans. I've only been twice, but I felt like I knew that city. From burboun street to Pampy's in the hood, my NO pals took me all over. And it's just a shame...

Kali said...

Wait, this just hit me....Condi went SHOE SHOPPING?????????

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

yes, Kali she was at the Ferragamo store in Manhattan. A customer who was shocked to see her there, yelled at her.

Again I know there was a communication breakdown but all she had to do was turn on CNN, FOX news, etc. Hey everyone needs a vacation and even if there was nothing she could personally do to make things better her ass should have been back at the White House, pronto.

gibber, I thought some of our allies (you know the two we have left) offered as well. I get not accepting money from Cuba or Venezuala. I think the actor you are talking about is Clifton Powell.

gibber said...

The actor is Wendell Pierce (God I love IMDB!)