Thursday, August 10, 2006

Project runway, doing the opposite, no carry-ons?

Big ups to Michael for winning last night. I cannot believe he made those short pants in an hour. He is very talented.

Last night I just wanted to come home after work and start on my weekend read. I did the opposite. Took a shower, put on a nicer outfit and went to good-bye cocktails for a friend who is starting a new job. I got to see my friend and some agents I haven't spoken to in a while.

Earlier yesterday walked across the street to the chocolate store with my co-worker who wanted to buy some candy. I was going to buy some swedish fish and jelly bellys. I did the opposite and bought nothing. The owner gave us a piece of chocolate for waiting on line so long. It was very fulfilling.

I have two friends leaving for Italy and my parents are flying to the east coast from the Caribbean this week. The latest terrorist arrests have me freaked out. It's still early, we don't have much info. On the news here it's saying, you cannot take ANY liquids on the plane except, baby formula and milk (and they are going to look at those bottles at the gate). All carry-on luggage has been banned on UK flights.

Off to boot camp class.


Janet said...

If you'll look at my post on Lord Celery this morning, you'll see that I've posted the list of the few things you can take on board on flights from/to the a clear plastic bag only. I'm flying to Cape Town tomorrow evening from Heathrow-- at least I'm SUPPOSED to be...

I'll keep you posted.


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

thanks, janet I did. good luck with your flight tomorrow.

gibber said...

Someone posted this on a chat board, and it sums up nicely why I don't think they can do away with carry-on bags:

"My only problem with all of this is that airlines are utterly incompetent when it comes to luggage. They cannot tell you where it is most of the time, which is preposterous considering that FedEx can tell you exactly where virtually any package actually IS in their system.

Moreover, theft from luggage is rampant, and thereby putting laptops, cameras, jewlerly or other items is virtually akin to sitting them on a curb on a city street with a sign saying "free take one."

Add to that, the airlines utter disregard for the plight of their customers when they lose their baggage. Basically, it's "tough luck" and they go to great lengths to avoid taking responsibility.

That said, we always travel with a carry-on with clothes, medicine and expensive items we do not want out of our sight. The airlines apparently employee thieves and idiots to throw around luggage, and that said it is only a common sense practice to take small luggage with you.

Count on the TSA backing off of this carry-on stuff rather quickly. "

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

The no carry bags is for flights out of the UK only and I don't think it's permanent. For the next couple of days people need to show some patience. I don't think it's fair to say most airline employees are theives and idiots.

gibber said...

you're right...that's not fair. but it is fair to say that they treat luggage like shit. i'd be really concerned about putting anything of value in my checked bag.

that said, better safe than sorry. i agree. but if i were one who traveled a lot for business, it would suck!

what's interesting about this - it appears that the brits foiled this all on their own. i felt like the us govt was scrambling this morning to get a response.

moscerina said...

IE your George Constanza opposite flip-- i like it. If you don't mind, i am going to borrow it.
happy birthday.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Please by all means Erica, borrow the flip. Thanks for the b-day wishing. the "event" is not until August 26th.