Monday, August 28, 2006

Weekend update

I miss my old spinning teacher. We had a sub today. He started out the class with that song "Life is a Highway" I don't know if that's the title but I liked only one of the songs he played, SexyBack. I have a hard time spinning to bad music. David was big on r&b, dance music, brasilian music, etc. he loved his Mariah re-mixes. I do not wish to hear "Since You've Been Gone" at 6:30 in the morning. If he is going to play popish rock, can we hear some classics like "Livin' on a Prayer"? :)

Sunday, a friend took me to brunch at Campinile for my birthday. I haven't seen her since I got from Rome. It was good see her and catch up. She just got a big promotion at a studio, so her life is crazy hectic right now. My mimosa was outstanding.

Saturday went to dinner with a friend at Massimo's in Beverly Hills. Food was very good. We had this artichoke salad with shaved parmesan that was amazing. I have never cooked with fresh artichokes. I am going to try. Our waiter was not Italian but from Eastern Europe so we couldn't practice with him. We exhanged presents. She gave me Eros Ramazotti's 9 CD and Adriana Trigiani's book "Rocco". I read her book "The Big Stone Gap" a couple of years ago for work and liked it. Speaking of books I'm in the middle of "Sarah Phillips" which I ordered from Amazon last month after reading "Lost Hearts in Italy." I was going to wait and read it on the plane but once I started to read it I couldn't wait.

I didn't get much writing done on Saturday. Yesterday was much more productive. My phone rang all day Saturday. I spoke to my family and the Contessa called me from her vacation in Italy. I received more gifts in the mail. One from my old college roommate and another from a friend in NYC. I was dreading this birthday but everything was fine. I can either freak out about still being single and broke or be thankful for the amazing people I have in my life.

One of those people took me out for drinks at L'Ermitage on Friday night. She just started a new, intense job so I might not be seeing her that often in the future. I received a beautiful gift from the store that has the infamous blue box.

I baked a cake yesterday. What is a birthday without cake? My mom used to make the best sour cream coffee cake. I was watching Barefoot Contessa and printed out her recipe. I had to go to Gelsons to find cake flour and Target to buy a 10' tube pan. I think I put a little too much salt in it but other than that the cake turned out well. Not as good as my mom's but close.

Feeling very motivated today. I enjoyed writing yesterday. I know my neighbors must be sick of me playing the same music over and over. Last night I was so close to telling the one next door to please ask her child to use her inside voice. I love kids but the one next door and the little boy in the apartment building across from me are as my parents would say, "some rude ass children."

I love the video for the group, Ok Go. It's the one that is done in one take while the group is on treadmills. Brillant.

I cannot say the same for Jessica Simpson's "Perfect Affair". Is it me or that song sounds too much like Madonna's "Holiday"? Madonna's roller skating video for "Sorry" is much better.


Jess said...

Hi - just wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday! I wish you all the best in all your endeavors (Italian and writing and spinning and cake making and all) :)
Jess from SXM

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Thanks Jess! Happy belated birthday to you as well.

Kali said...

About "Perfect Affair", I haven't heard it, but one day on the radio the DJ's were talking about it, and apparently there was some controversy about it sounding like "Holiday".