Thursday, August 31, 2006

Project Runway

Wow were the comments harsh last night. Kayne's outfit was awful and I can't even comment on Andrea's.

I did think it was unfortunate that Andrea had to fly all the way to Paris to be eliminated.

It is so slow in the office today. Everyone is leaving town for the Labor Day weekend. Soon after Labor Day is the Toronto Film Festival, so things will be slow those two weeks as well.

back to work.


Anonymous said...

It's Angela, not Andrea. And she should have been kicked off a LONG LONG time ago. She can't do sketches. How did she get on the show not being able to sketch? The one competition she won was thanks to Michael and Laura (both future finalists, I predict) who added some class to her zany designs.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

okay, I agree she should have been kicked off long time ago (along with Vincent) but I still felt bad she had to fly to Paris and back in the same day.

Hmm, maybe that was just editing. For we know she might have been kicking at a nice Parisian hotel for a couple days.

I think Michael and Laura are very talented. I hope they make it to the final three