Friday, May 05, 2006

very nice, very sexy, thank you

Heard that a couple of times yesterday. Must have been my shirt but I wear simple v-neck T-shirts in Los Angeles all the time. The last guy said it to me as I crossed the Arno last night after dinner. After yelling aspetti! (wait!) twice, I said "non capisco".

Crazy vender on bridge: You speak English?

me: Non!

Now don't think I'm taking this strike thing too seriously. The only reason he wanted me to "aspetti" was so he could sell me some bad copies of Botticelli's "Birth of Venus"

Went to Sante Croce, bella church. Has the tombs of Michelangelo, Galileo, Machiavelli and other Tuscan A-listers.

Glad to be going back to Rome today. Florence is too much. Met a nice older couple from Long Island at dinner last night. Their son went to S.U.

I can hear the difference in the Florentine accent vs. Roman. I haven't spoken much Italian here. There are so many American students and tourists almost everyone speaks to me first in English.

I understand Italian pretty well when people speak to me very slowly. This is a problem since Italians speak very, very quickly. I watch the news and I can only understand the context because of the visuals and catching every other word. I would have to be here for a couple months before I could become even remotely fluent. My sister went to France to study for a summer during high school. When she came back her French was excellent, accent and all.


Tracie B. said...

well looky here! you done went and yerself and excyoos for comin back :)

gibber said...

Indeed, and now I've forgotten so much of my french. It's pathetic really!

I love the title of this post. hehehe. Italian and French men are just too much (remember my Andrea from my summer in Dijon?)

I sent you an e-mail about my upcoming trip to LA. My flights are brutal, but I'll be able to spend some QT with you (if you're at all interested in that sorta thing) :)

gibber said...

what does "non capisco" mean?

Michelle K. said...

Ciao from Kansas City!
I'm jealous as hell, but enjoying your posts nonetheless! Eat some gelato for me. :)
Michelle K.

kaypee39 said...

What an amazing time. I feel like I'm in Italy with you, like I'm your roommate and we're doing post party wrap up!! I think you should go out with one of those sexy Italian guys--just a date, now!! Have fun. I'll be waiting for the next blog!!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

yes, tracie b. I will have to come back. tempted to just stay but I must get back to reality.

gibber, non capisco means "I don't understand" .

michelle k. believe me I'm eating enough gelato for everyone.

kaypee39. lol, we'll see.