Sunday, May 07, 2006

The power of a good walk, good conversation, good food and of course good gelato.

After a sleepless night and crying yesterday morning I walked across the bridge closest to my apartment over to the Pantheon. It was super early and gave me a chance to clear my head.

I will just buy the best used car I can afford with the settlement from the insurance company. I cannot worry about buying a car as a status symbol. I have a goal and going into debt is not going to help me reach my goal. I would rather save money towards a down payment on an apartment in Rome. If someone doesn't want to take me seriously as a producer because of the car I drive, there is nothing I can do about that.

Met my friend Giampiero for lunch. He said it was maybe a 40 minute walk from my house. Try one hour and 40 minutes!!! He had to pick me up a mile north of the Vatican....on his scooter. We were flying and I held on for dear life.

He took me to a very residential neighborhood, Point (oh shit, I forgot the name), it's north of the Vatican and the Olympic stadium. After an amazing lunch at a Trattoria on the square (he insisted on paying for lunch ), we went to the kick ass bakery/gelateria around the corner called Il Mondi. Outstanding. I insisted on buying.

Ooops got to go. Off to meet the "countess'" friend for a apperitiv (drink). I'll to finish this post later.

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nikinpos said...

good morning! Ok, there are no ferries from Naples OR Sorrento yet. You could get the Marozzi bus from Roma-Tiburtina direct to Positano. It leaves at 1500 monday to thursday. The phone no is 06 442 49519, if you want more info. Or get a train from Rome to Napoli, then the Sita bus or the Circumvesuviana train from Napoli to Sorrento...then another sita bus to Positano. At Positano you need to get off at the Sponda, NOT the Chiesa Nuova, then its a 5 minute walk downhill to your hotel!