Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Positano edition


After a very long trip(including getting busted for not stamping my Rome bus ticket and paying a 50 euro fine on the spot, ouch) checked in to the Villa Rosa.
Room is simple but clean with a kick ass view. I am going to sit on my terrace and write all day tomorrow if it's too wet/cold to sit on the beach.

Met the fab Niki "aka famous blogger of Positano". The shop is stunning. If I didn't have to deal with my car, I would have treated myself to a Pucci shirt.

Yesterday met with Ettore, Matteo and Martina at Cafe Marzio. Then went to her agent's office and had a great meeting regarding our film. Martina is very down to earth, kind and gorgeous.

I am starving. I need to eat and unpack.

Ciao tutti. (bye everyone)


gibber said...

Does your view look onto the beach? I'm so jealous. Sounds absolutely delightful.

But what I really want to know - how do the men look! :)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I am half way up the mountian. I can see the valley and the beach. Think Dawn Beach, above where Scavenger's beach bar was, but much higher elevation.

I have seen more married older american couples than italian men.

I am catching a bus to the top of the hill. will try to post later.

Tracie B. said...

how long will you be there? like i said, let me know if you want to stop in napoli :)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I leave tomorrow morning. I have to get back to Rome so I will not be in Napoli this time around.

nikinpos said...

Nice to meet you yesterday, hope you enjoy the rest of your stay..that was NOT supposed to be a rhyme!!