Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Florence, losing weight Roman style, Spike

An Italian from Milan said to me once, Milan is a European city and Rome is an Italian city. Florence must be the American city. So many college students and tour groups. It's like Willowbrook Mall the day before Christmas....packed.

My hotel recommended by a friend from italian class, is above the Gucci flagship store. Let's see, new hubcabs for my jalopy or use the birthday money from my parents (that I have been holding on to since August) for a bag?

Went to see David. No words. Michelangelo was 29 when he finished it. What the hell was I doing at 29? When I get home I'm going to order a biography about Mr. Buonarotti. The unfinished sculptures leading to David are incredible as well.

So yesterday I put on my jeans and they were loose. I eat gelato every day. Regarding carbs: I eat those every day too. Later for South Beach and the Zone. I finally had a pizza bianca from the place in Campo de' fiori everyone talks about. It's basically plain pizza dough with just oil olive and salt. It was amazing.

I realized I haven't had any processed foods since I been here. No soda, chips, candy etc. I have had plenty of red wine and walked about 5 miles a day.

Speaking of walking I thought I would die yesterday. I walked close to 10 miles. First back from Termini station after buying my train ticket for Florence, then walking with Max to San Clemente and back.

We had lunch at Maccheroni, near the Patheon. I am still thinking about the pasta with bolognese sause and the 4 euro house wine. Very, very good. Flirty waiters.

San Clemente is a must see. This church is on top of a church from 4th century and that structure is above a pagan temple from the 3rd century. After touring the church above ground you pay 2 or5 euros and go down to the older structures. When you get all the way down to the lowest level you can hear and see the water from the acqueduct rushing through. I'm glad Max was with me because it does get a little creepy down in those tiny corridors.

Finished up the long walk by having gelato on the steps of the fountain in front of Santa Maria in Trastevere.

Last night met a friend of a friend for drinks. They went to NYU film school ungrad together and she has been living in Italy since going to graduate film school in Rome. I thought it would be an early night but we talked for hours. She was really encouraging and suggested I try to work in both countries (once I get my french passport), given my background. I think it's very ironic how in Hollywood my work as an exec. for Spike means pretty much nothing. He's too indie, too New York, too militant, etc. I can't remember how many times I have been told if had worked for some hack director for hire it would have been a better career move. However, here it's a big deal. He is a respected filmmaker. The posters back home for Inside Man barely mentioned his name. In Rome there are posters with Denzel, Clive, and Jodie but in big letters it says "Un Film di Spike Lee". Don't get me wrong he has faults but I think it's bullshit how little respect a man with his body of work get in our town.

One good thing to come out of this trip already is I feel reinvigorated about my career. I have to stop worrying about the superficial trappings of the business. I need to remember what it is I love about movies and working with creative people. The film I'm working on with Ettore is no Citizen Kane but I wouldn't be here and met so many talented people were it not for this project. The money will come and if it doesn't I'd rather be broke and happy then spend 70 hours a week working for somebody else. Been there done that. Have nothing to show for it.

Last night around dusk as we sat outside I happened to look up and realized I never saw a sky that color blue. I was told the light here is really interesting because of how it reflects off the seven hills of Rome. I love this city.

Tomorrow Siena.


gibber said...

get the bag!! :)

gibber said...

i have to say...i'm jealous of the great time you're having. BUT, i'm happy that you are talking to all these cool people.

I think I'm gonna have to come with you next trip!

dionp said...

i love that you love florence! i love that you are soaking up all of the art (angd the gelato!!). i love that every afternoon, i can take a few minutes away to escape to italy. thank you for my calgon...i mean, italian moment!!!!

Tracie B. said...

even after almost 3 years here, the colors still suprise me. don't forget that feeling :) and don't forget that i am only a phone call away!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

d. and thank you for my book. It was a great way to get inspired for my trip.

gibber maybe we should rent a villa in cortana :)

tracie b. these colors really do take your breath away. this whole trip has been incredible so far.