Monday, May 08, 2006

the power continued, the mani/pedi edition

First let me give a shot out to Erica's blog. It is how I heard about Nail Enhancements, a nail salon near the U.S. Embassy. My nails look amazing. Not too expensive and they were very nice. No one spoke English and for some reason my Prego textbook does not give us vocabulary for these very important things. Somehow with my broken Italian everything worked out.

Okay, so to finish yesterday's post, after gelato Giampiero and I met up with his friend who directed the movie Melissa P. and his assistant. Giampiero was one of the actors in the movie and just started shooting a series for RAI. He has worked and lived in NYC/LA. He went to Rome to work a series and decided to stay. He is from Milan.

Melissa P was a monster hit in Italy, just starting to open overseas. Not sure what will happen in the US since it's about a 16 year old girl who likes to get her freak on. Melissa P.'s autobiography sold very well except in the U.S.

After being dropped off in Trastevere, got a text from Ettore and met him and a friend at Caffe Marzio in front of the Santa Maria fountain. Chilled for a minute, then went home to get ready for dinner.

Met Max and Paolo for dinner. An agent who's client is one of the writer/producers of the HBO series ROME was in town and had a dinner for 12 of us. I met several of the producers of Sex and the City who are also working on Rome and had a very good, crazy dinner. I am not used to eating so many courses and so late but I managed to make it. It was surreal to be at a "biz dinner" in Rome. However, there was very little shop talk. I might see some of them on set next Monday.

Yesterday met up with fellow Americans Andrea and her friend Dani at Gusto for lunch. They are on their way to Florence today.

Was supposed to meet Roberta for a quick drink but it ended up be dinner. She is Roman and a very good friend of the "countess". Every place was packed. It was a Sunday night. Don't people have to work today? My neighborhood was insane, campo de fiori was the most crowded I have ever seen it and there were no places to sit or stand. We went to some restaurant on a side street. I met one of her co-workers and another friend of their's met us for a drink. It was another late night (for me, as I walked home some people were just eating dinner).

Off to make some phone calls and get some gelato. Hopefully my laundry (I have a washer, no dryer) from yesterday will be dry. Jeans take forever to air dry.


Tracie B. said...

well, you don't have your car, but at least your nails look good :)

sorry to hear about that, but you have a trip to positano ahead of you and IT IS GORGEOUS! you'll love it.

Jen said...

You have so much positive energy over there and it is clearly coming out in your writing! I'm envisioning Fellini's "La Dolce vita" as you describe your adventures, but with a contemporary Sex in the City slant. :) Sorry to hear about your car situation, but seriously - don't worry about the kind of car you drive. Anyone who does is wasting their time, so don't let them waste yours. It's great that your conversational Italian is improving, and that you are able to spend time with so many people who share your interest in entertainment! Not to mention your constant exposure to both fascinating history and eye-opening new experiences. No doubt this will be very influencial in your writing, because it's a wonderful vacation from the claustrophobic ideology of Hollywood. Enjoy with an emphasis on JOY! xo

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

LOL. yes me and my nails are looking forward to Positano.

jen. you are so right. It has been an eye opening experience. Some how I will figure out a way to continue to work in Hollywood but not have to live there full time.