Tuesday, May 02, 2006

E.U.R. molto scary

Yesterday went to E.U.R with Max and her friend Paolo. He's an architect but speaks Italian and Spanish. So he was our tour guide and language tutor.

Before going to E.U.R we went to another planned community, not sure of the spelling, Garbatello. This was done by the socialists and all the houses/villas had back yards, big windows w/shutters. Plenty of open space. Since it was May Day there was a party in the park, with musicians, wine and free copies of the communist newpapaer.

E.U.R was Mussolini's grand vision. It is something to see. This dictator clearly loved his eagles. I always hating the look of the Disney lot and now I know why. Not a fan of fasicist architecture. The famous building from "La Dolce Vita" is being renovated but still incredible.

Met expat Eric, through my sister (thanks gibber), afterwards at a wine bar. He is a freelance journalist, living in Rome for 7 years. He told me how he ended up in Rome and the pro/cons of expat life.

Off to meet a friend, then going to Florence tomorrow.



gibber said...

Have fun in Florence! I hope you are taking lots of pictures. You left off an important thing...was Eric cute? I was told that he was quite adorable :)


Tracie B. said...

it's been great following you on your trip! keep us posted...

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

gibber you need to relax. tracie b. your photos of Ischia are stunning. next trip I will have to spend more time down south

Tracie B. said...

definitely! are you sure you can't stay...?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

No I have to go back to work :(