Tuesday, June 26, 2007

West Side Story-America

Given the intense immigration debate going on in Congress and around the nation, I thought this clip was appropiate. I saw it on J. Doe's blog a couple weeks ago. I love this movie. It swept the Oscars the year it came out in the early 60's (before I was born, so no I didn't see it in the theatre). I saw it for the first time on TV when I was very young. Then again in one of my English classes after we read "Romeo and Juliet". It's one of my favorite movies of all times.

I wanted to be a singer/dancer like Rita Moreno after I saw this movie. I used to dance and sing around our apartment all the time (I probably drove my parents crazy but they humored me). Once we moved to the suburbs I was able to join the choir, play in band but no dancing. I'm only 5'2, didn't have the legs for it. :(

The music and choreography was just incredible. This scene and the "Tonight" medley I could watch/listen to over and over again.

Random fact: Russ Tamblyn who was played the leader of the Jets is Amber's (Joan of Arcadia, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) dad.


Calabrisella said...

Woaw!... very intresting...
mi chiamo Arantxa...
Come stai? sei italiana?

parliamo dopo


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Ciao Arantxa!

No, sono Americana รจ Caribe. Mi chiamo Arlene. Sono nata New York City.

J.Doe said...

I love the dancing, and the film. It's great stuff.