Wednesday, June 06, 2007

About last night

The premiere was fun. I have never seen a red carpet that long. It took the stars (of Ocean's 13) forever to talk to the press. Some walked over to the fans that were screaming and signed autographs. I was already in my seat when I heard a huge roar. They were showing the red carpet on the movie screen and we could see that Brad and Angelina had arrived. I thought some fans were going to pass out.

In the middle of the afterparty there were some kick ass fireworks. Warner Bros threw a good party. It was work but I enjoyed spending time with my co-workers and catching up with some of my colleagues. When we left the party some fans were still waiting outside. It was midnight.

It most be so weird to be that famous. You can't leave your house. The tabloids think it's okay to print vicious lies about you to sell magazines. Stars shouldn't complain about doing press (red carpet/press junkets/interviews), it is part of the job, but the paparazzi is out of control. I don't feel a bit sorry for people like Paris or Tom Cruise who court the press and the paparazzi. I was talking to a publicist last night and she was saying things are getting worse. It's too bad. I think it's one reason everyone says there few movie stars today. We know too much about them. I was reading an article in the L.A. Times that said movies used to be aspirational. The was a famous quote from the President of Paramount who told famous in house costume designer Edith Head to make a gown so beautiful no one in the audience could possibly afford it. Now there is an entire magazine (InStyle) which details what the stars wear, live etc. so if buy we same shampoo as Jennifer Anniston we will be connected to her/or like her somehow.

Over exposure is not good for an actor. Some make a choice they want to be celebrities but the ones who really stick around and build careers are those who are actors first.


Delina said...

You're so showbiz! :)

I was reading an article about Johnny Depp recently and he seems to have it sussed. He lives in France in a small place where he can go out and do the shopping like anyone else. He has the best of both worlds I think.

Types like Paris just completely work the media.

Paula Puryear said...

I'm deeply jealous that you got to see my husband George Clooney and I didn't (hahaha). But seriously, loved what you had to say about celebrity. It has gotten out of control and apparently safety is a real issue, which is really too bad. I also agree with what you said about how it impacts an actor's career to be a celeb above all else. How do you disappear into a role when I know what kind of toothpaste you use? For the likes of Tom Cruise, it's no big deal, but for the character actors who also happen to be movie stars (Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet come to mind), it matters. Significantly, they've both done a good job of keeping their private lives private. So has George, actually. Based on the lack of tabloid coverage of his romantic life, I would think he was celibate if that didn't seem, well, impossible. Notably, he won his Academy Award (I think this is right) for his role in Syriana, the one for which he gained weight. Which just goes to show you, there's a thin person hiding inside of all of us.

gibber said...

That's correct - he won for Syriana.

Ragazza, I was watching access hollywood (i know, i didn't turn to hardball fast enuf) and they did a report from the premiere. Cheadle and Damon were hilarious, making fun of Brad and Angie (yeah, that's what we call her around the office). teehee

i'm looking forward to this movie. i'm having a "i'm very much into andy garcia right now" phase. it happens every few years. watched smokin aces last nite. a decent movie until the last 15 minutes of silliness.

Janet said...

Ooohhhhh....a wonderful glimpse into showbiz! Thanks for sharing with all of us mere mortals!!!

I'm interested in your comments about "celebrity" as well. Very interesting stuff.



nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

delina - lol. I agree with you about Depp. Clooney also spends every chance he gets at his Lake Como house. I don't understand why an A-list actor would feel the need to live in this Los Angeles fishbowl. Their agents know where to find them,

paula - don't be jellie. haha. I can't watch Cruise movies for that reason. During WOW I wasnt' think this is a guy who works as a dock worker. I kept thinking I wish the aliens would take out the couch jumping freak. What grown man acts like that? It's so fake.

gibber - You are too funny. Enjoy your Andy Garcia phase.

Janet - don't hate the player, hate the game. I'm joking!

sognatrice said...

Um, first I have to say that I'm in a constant Andy Garcia phase here :) Anyway, I completely agree about "celebrity" getting so out of hand--a little mystery goes a long way.

Oh, and on another note, I'm curious as to what you thought of Angelina in person--is she looking as thin as she does in photos? She doesn't look well from what I've seen, but hopefully it's angles.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

sognatrice - She is thin but yet curvy. She is also outrageously gorgeous. I remember seeing a HBO movie called GIA and thinking "who is that actress?"

sognatrice said...

I'm just freaked out by her veiny arms; they say it could be a sign of malnutrition (and come to think of it, quite a few actresses have them). I imagine in person she's simply stunning.