Monday, June 25, 2007

Saturday Night Fever Dance Scene

This weekend the news was esp. depressing. More soldiers killed in Iraq. They found the missing body of Jessie Davis. She was due to give birth next week. She named her unborn daughter Chloe. The main suspect is the father of Chloe and her two year old brother, Blake. Michael Moore's new movie is coming out so there has been a lot of coverage about the American health care system. I may not be the biggest fan of Mr. Moore's (long story, a friend used to work with him) but it is unacceptable that the United States, the richest country on the planet is rank 39th, ahead of Slovenia, when it comes to providing health care to all our citizens. France, who many Americans love to talk smack about, is number one.

At the gym I also caught a snippet about how it's is the 20th anniversary of DIRTY DANCING and the 30th of SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER.

I cannot believe this movie came out in the summer of '77. Of course I didn't see it in the theaters. I caught the PG version years later as a teenager. It wasn't until I saw it again as an adult did I find out the original version was rated "R" and very dark.

As I watched the story on SNF I was able to smile for a few minutes and remember some good times. It has one of the best openings in film. John Travolta is strutting down the street, like he's the King of the five boroughs, only to end up at the paint store where he worked.

Every time I hear "You Should be Dancing" I think about Donna Castellano doing the moves at one of our school dances. We were all in a circle saying "Go Donna, go Donna!"

Whille there are some truly horrible songs from that era, I still love to dance to the music. Some of the singers were amazing, in any genre. Donna Summer has a great voice, period. The whole disco sucks mentality was about more than just repetitive music. Please, there was a bunch of rock music that sucked back then as well.

Disco never really went away. It called dance music now.


Anonymous said...

Tracey K. In Ohio here: Yes, the weekend brought lots of depressing news for sure. I live here in Canton where Jessie Davis & baby were found murdered & buried by her boyfriend. I know the family of the boyfriend. Good, kind, God-fearing people. Not real sure why it was lost on him though. I hate that Jessie's family & the Cutts family has to go thru all of this because boyfriend apparently lost his damn mind! Domestic violence like that scares the hell out of me! I can share my life with you, love you, have a family with you, share my family w/you and then you can look me in my face and kill me? Needless to say, its very somber here today. I spent the day yesterday in my yard planting flowers in silence trying to get a grip on the shock of it all and the very young soldier (who lived here, too) who was being laid to rest & whose death was pretty much overshadowed by the Davis' death.

I have to admit, I've never seen S.N.F., nor Dirty Dancing, but yesterday - I sure could've used them!!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

t.k. - On the news this morning, they said one of the top causes of death for pregnant women is homocide. I don't understand it. What is up with Cutt's friend, the woman they arrested? What was the motive to kill a woman who was 9 months pregnant? Now he is saying she was dying when he got to the house and he got scared. Let's see, if I walked into a house and the parent of my child was dying, I would call 911. Not wrap them in carpeting, clean down the crime scene with bleach and leave my two year old in the house by himself.

Sometimes I feel like the world has gone crazy.

Anonymous said...

Tracey K. in Ohio here: Oh yes, nyc/raggazza, it was a very needless, senseless, homicide, indeed. Cutts is obviously a habitual liar who is used to lying his way thru life. How did he get to the point of saying Ms. Davis was dying when he got there, when his FIRST words (during the massive 3-day search of which he only attended 1/2 a day of the 1st day) were he hadn't seen her at all. As they catch each little lie of his, he keeps adding them on! Now I don't know what would motivate his childhood "friend" to help in out with something like that - and the latest update is that his "wife" is a suspect, too. I knew should would have to be eventually because her first words were "Bobby is wonderful and innocent......."

Anyway, the authorities believe Cutts tried to burn the body as well. They're arraigning him this afternoon downtown where I have to file some documents. It's going to be sheer madness as it has been for the last 10 days. Many people are sending death threats to his family, which I hate cause like I said - they're good people! Heavy sigh... Yes, the world has certainly gone crazy!

J.Doe said...

What a great video clip! I also saw the PG version first. I loved it.
I love disco music! Always will too.
The Bee Gees and Donna Summer are the best. The music now is all crap.

Kathy said...

Finally recovering from my Italy trip (this is Kali, btw...I set up a new blog, if you're interested) and I'm busily trying to catch up on all your posts. So you'll be in Canada for quite a while! As long as you keep posting, I'll stay happy!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

J. doe - LOL. I can barely listen to the radio

Kathy - welcome back!! I will check out the new blog.

sissi said...

I had half of my children in the US, the other half in France, we have been lucky enough to never get sick and be in hospital but I understand why France is number 1, it is such a relieve to know that wherever you come from, if you're rich or poor , you will get the same treatment and all your bills are pretty much covered. And the cost of medicine is so much cheaper. Overall the system makes it very easy : money , insurance coverage and medical bills are never an issue.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

sissi - A recent poll said this is one of the most important issues to Americans so I hope we can have a serious discussion about it during this election.

I know there are problems with health care in other industrilized nations but feel that in our country quality healthcare should not be a privilege but a right, just like primary education. In the long run it would be cheaper for us to think about prevention not just treatment.