Wednesday, June 20, 2007

O Canada.

Hopefully our movie will continue on track. If so, I will be in Toronto in a few weeks. I went to Montreal when I was in high school but this will be my first trip to Toronto.

I was told there is a huge West Indian community in Toronto and a big festival in August. Very excited about eating some good food, mon!

The hours are brutal in production but I can't wait to go. One, it's a great project and two, it's shooting in Canada and Morocco (maybe France depending on our final budget).

I will be gone until mid December. I am curious to see if my mood/attitude is the way it is because I live in L.A. or is it me? When I go to Italy or the Caribbean, it's a short trip and I'm not working like I do here. I will be gone for almost 6 months. I remember speaking with a screenwriter about one of our projects. She described a character in the script as being one of those people who thinks a change in location will change their lives when in fact they bring their issues with them wherever they go. hmm.


Ms Adventures in Italy said...

ur leaving? You have to keep blogging!! I want some inside details :)

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Well, I can definitely say that when I was living in Phoenix, I was miserable, and when I moved to Rome, my "issues" did not come with me. I was able to become more of who I really am through my move. I think it's really important to find a place that suits your style and who you really are as a person. Granted, a place won't change everything, but sometimes it helps a lot.

Anyways, I'm with Sara, I know your schedule will be brutal but promise you'll hammer out a post once in a while? Otherwise we'll have to keep in touch with email. And obviously if you're in France, you must swing by Rome if you can!!

sognatrice said...

You won't stop blogging.
You won't stop blogging.
You won't stop blogging.

Did it work? I'm interested to find out how your change of scenery affects you as well; like Shelley said, a place won't change everything, but it does make some difference I think.

And can I just say how exotic you sound right now? Jetting off to Toronto for 6 months... production you know...dahling.... ;)

Giulia said...

Best of luck with everything, and please keep us posted if you can. :)

Anonymous said...

Tracey K in Ohio here: Wow! Sounds like a great project - I've heard Toronto is beautiful. Please make sure you take your laptop with you so you can keep us updated on your days (between your grueling schedule). Some of our lives (mine) are so boring, we (me) have to live vicariously thru those with more exciting lives (you) (LOL!) Keep us posted!!!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

ms. adventures - yes in a couple of weeks. I have so much to do before I go. Oh I will def. keep blogging. It may be less often, dep. on my schedule. I still have a book to finish writing so this summer is going to be bananas! :)

shelley - I agree it is important to find a place that fits your style. I have lived here almost 8 years and Los Angeles has never felt like home or "my city". Rome does so I need to go and see what happens.

If I don't make back to Rome this year, I plan to be back early '08.

sognatrice - it worked :)
I hope everything does work out. I have seen movies fall apart a week out from principal photograpy, which is not fun.

re: the glam life of being in production, I will try to remember that when I sitting on set at 3:00 in morning watching an actor do take, after take, after take.... :)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

giuila - grazie!

t.k. - yes, the laptop is coming. Please, you most of the time my life is boring as hell. :)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

that should be "you know". oops.

Delina said...

Wow, how exciting for you! I'd love to go to Canada one day. Good to hear you will be keeping up the blogging :)

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Ok. I am officially jealous.

Post photos and fun stories if you go, okay?

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Jess said...

It does sound fairly fabulous! New places, cast aside the worries and material crap of home life!

I would think a lot depends on lodgings. I'm the type of person who becomes homicidal if I don't get enough alone time to read or whatever.

Hope you'll have a great time and tell us some good stories.

Rose in Cali said...

PUH-LEEZE don't stop blogging while you're away! You do realize that some of us live vicariously through you, right?

Enjoy the change of scenery!

rose said...

Vote for continued blogging. Single woman having fun in Toronto. Come on now, there will be stories to share. ;)

Does this mean all your belongings go into storage for 6 months? That's as bad as moving...I think.

J.Doe said...

I'm with all the other commenters here-please don't stop blogging.
Toronto is a beautiful city. Clean and with good food. I also heard they have a big West Indian community.

gibber said...

I'm going to miss you...wait, I never see you anyway :) you MUST keep blogging, and have fun in Toronto. Just watch for those fast west indian men. LOL. Couldn't you just picture mom saying that? hahahaha

I will miss you in Vegas :(

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

delina - Once I know the movie is a done deal I will be over the moon. Toronto is only 1-2 hours from Niagra Falls. I see a road trip coming up.

wanderlust - I still don't own a digital camera! I am going to get one before the trip though.

jess - thanks. I also need to time alone every so often, esp. since I am so used to living by myself. If I ever got married my husband and I might need to have two residences. LOL.

rose in cali - that is funny, I live vicariously through the blogs I read.

rose - As a single woman going to Toronto , I hope there are some stories to share. ha

no I'm not going to put my stuff in storage. I will keep my crappy but rent stablized apartment.

j. doe - everyone tells me Toronto is also very clean. :)

gibber - haha, I could totally see Mom saying that. Of course Dad was an exception to the rule. I spoke to her on Father's Day...second question out her mouth, "how is your love life?" ugh.

Maybe I can still go to Vegas, it just depends on where we are with the film. I'll miss you too. :(

sognatrice said...

Phew. *Very* glad to hear the blogging won't stop. And yes, you need to remember the glamorous things to deal with the mundane...just like every I have to (repeatedly) remind myself about my view whenever I'm in line at the post office ;)

Ms. FoxyRoxy said...

keep me posted if/when you will be in Toronto, I can be your guide if you need one.
Caribana is the parade you are referring too which is a week full of many things to do. The actual parade is on Aug 4th so be ready to "jump up" and yes the West Indian community is extensive in Toronto. keep in touch...

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

sognatrice - After reading all the various posts about the postal system in Italia...I'm very afraid. :)

foxyroxy - Thanks! Really looking forward to a change in scenery.