Wednesday, September 27, 2006

VW Ad. Holy ....Safe Happens

I had my first meeting with my provisional group last night. It took me 45 minutes to get to Santa Monica. After the meeting, 12 minutes to get home. Gotta love that L.A. traffic. I do love Casa Del Mar. Nice hotel lobby bar and I pulled up as the sun was setting. It was great being by the ocean.

I saw the newest VW ad last night. These ads are very jarring and memorable. The agency is Cripin Porter & Bogusky out of Miami. They are also the agency responsible for those creepy Burger King ads.

The spots are interesting. Usually car safety ads are geared towards families and older adults. These ads are so realistic. None of that slow motion, pretty stuff. Plus until the crash happens they are funny. Last night's ad had three guys in the car commenting on a Viagra radio ad. "Four hours that is a problem? Call your doctor? I'd hold all my calls."

Best line on last night's Nip/Tuck:

Christian Troy to Sanaa's character while he is prepping for surgery.

"Your chocolate cupcakes are looking very tasty today."


Kali said...

I haven't seen the newest VW ad yet, but they've had a couple others already under the same campaign, right? I think those are very good.

Those Burger King ads are so freaky I have to look away!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Kali, yes this is the same campaign.

I know! I think the BK ads are bizarre. I don't like to look at the King at all. He freaks me out.