Friday, September 15, 2006

Greetings from Green Acres

I finally arrived at my brother's new house. My plane was delayed for an hour dur the bad weather.

I am in the middle of Green Acres. There are woods behind the backyard, a golf course across the street and working farms up the road. Very beautiful.

People like to talk smack about New Jersey. They should spend some time off the turnpike.

Anyway my sister in law and nephew (2 years old and so freaking cute!)picked me up at the airport and we stopped by the Wegmans. I think it's in Bridgewater. Oh. My. God. I almost lost my mind in the supermarket. The veggies looked like they were picked an hour earlier, the take out section is huge, the cheese shop is the size of my living room, great wine shop, etc. It was sensory overload.

I am still trying to process how my younger brother is living in this amazing house. Maybe I should leave Los Angeles and move into the guest bedroom. They can pay me to be the nanny.

My brother got home only a few minutes ago. Was stuck in Boston because of the bad weather. My sister drove up from DC to see me. awwh. Tomorrow my sister and I are going to see my parents. My brother and sister in law have to work.

Everyone has gone to bed. I'm still on L.A. time.

Last night's Runway was outstanding. So glad Laura won. Okay, so I think Michael will def. be in the final three. Next week's show is going to be amazing. Maybe Ulie (sp) will be "aut."

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