Friday, September 22, 2006


I was looking forward to writing this morning but one of my new neighbors is doing construction on their house. Even with the windows closed I can hear the saws, banging etc. sigh.

Instead I will get organized. My phone log is on my home computer so at the office I just write down my calls (so analog) I need to update my log which I haven't done in two weeks. I usually update the log daily.

I must deal with my living room and desk which are a mess. I have been so busy writing, I let things get a little cluttered. I hate clutter. It's the Virgo in me and growing up in a very neat household. My mom was the super neat one but after over 40 years of marriage she got my dad on her program. All his messiness was assigned to a drawer and the shed in the backyard. Even the garage and basement were organized. I am not as hardcore as my mom.

Last night met two of the "italian donne" from class. "The Countessa" just returned from over a month in Italy. My other friend is leaving on Tuesday for three weeks. The four member of our group is a prosecuter and in the middle of a trial, so she could not meet us. I cannot wait to her about her month long trip to Florence. She returned last week.

Let me get started on cleaning, returning calls and emails, paying bills, reading scripts etc. What a great way to start the weekend. Not.

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