Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rachael Ray is everywhere

Why? I don't get it. Billboards, her new magazine, her new daytime show, "cooking" shows on Food Network, "travel shows" on Food Network.

She is really popular with men, as a girl you can have a beer with type person. They don't feel that way about Giada.

I tried to watch her shows. Cannot do it. I don't want to sound like I'm full of hateraid but she works my last nerve. She is not a good chef let alone cook, recipes are not that great and she is an awful tipper. Have you notice on those $40 a day or less shows how little she tips for those meals? As a former waitress I find it outrageous. She cannot help her voice so I will not comment on it.

Congrats to her for doing well but the whole golly gee whiz persona is a little fake (things are not what they seem according to a friend who would know). Oprah is the producer of her show and clearly they are going for some kind of Martha Stewart type dominance.

I think next week is the finale of Project Runway. Cannot wait.

Looking forward to getting back to writing this weekend. Very busy at work this week so did not get to write that much.


Tina said...

Both she and Giada get on my nerves. Rachel Ray is cute & all, but I'm not interested in her cooking style at all. It's all about "30 minutes or less!" and I'm a slowfood gal who actually ENJOYS cooking, so I'd rather take a long time and savor the process. Giada bugs me because her cookbooks & show are more about looking at her, than they are about food. But i do like Giada's recipes! :-)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

LOL. I do like Giada. I agree with you Tina that there are alot of photos of her in the cookbooks (esp. the first one) but the recipes are great.

I love to cook too. I know many people are too busy to spend all day cooking but it is possible to make quick meals that are healthier and far more appetizing than the stuff Rachael throws together.

Don't get me started on that Semi-homemade show.

Kali said...

I like Rachael, but I haven't watched this new show yet. I also love to cook, and I take my time on weekends, but after work, when both my husband & I have to be various places by 8.00 PM, I like the idea of 30 minutes or less!