Friday, February 03, 2012

Flashback Friday - The Soul Train Line, Elton John, and The Jackson 5

Don Cornelius started the show Soul Train in 1970. It ran for over 35 years.

This week Don committed suicide. According to news reports he was very ill and in a lot of pain. His son found the body.

As a kid I watched American Bandstand and Soul Train every Saturday morning.

I do remember seeing Elton's performance in 1975. One of my favorite songs.

Okay the shoes on the first guy dancing in the clip below, look like something Lady Gaga would wear today. Every time I hear this song I think of "Pulp Fiction."

The Commodores used to be funky back in the day. I miss this kind of music.

I might have seen this episode during the height of my "I'm going to marry Michael Jackson when I get older" mania.

Wishing everyone, peace, love, and soooooooooul this weekend. RIP DC.


Paola said...

A lot of great musicians are dying so close in time these days.
RIP indeed.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I agree. It's sad.