Monday, March 14, 2011

Salotto Locarno - Get Your Cocktail On

Isn't this champagne cocktail pretty?

Each cocktail comes with a plate of food to nibble on (after 6:30).

I have been on serious lockdown finishing a script and working on my novel. Plus, I've been in a surly mood, thanks to my dwindling bank account. Several good friends told me I have to leave my house. It's not healthy to stay indoors working all day.

Friday morning I hit the wall. I had to make some changes.

This weekend was the most social I've been in a while.

I met a friend at Salotto Locarno (pics on left). I stayed at this hotel during my first trip to Rome. I always thought the art deco bar was pretty and they have a nice courtyard.

I'm not sure when it happened but now the bar is quite the scene. Friends have told me in the afternoon they do a lovely spread for tea.

At night it's packed. The drinks are not cheap. It's less pricey than Hotel de Russie but not by much. As the weather gets warmer, I suggest making reservations if you plan to go on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. Not sure if it's less crowded earlier in the week. Service is sloooooooow. The little bar gets overwhelmed by all the drink orders.

Salotte Locarno totally reminds of L.A.'s hippy/chic Chateau Marmont. When I met my friend, someone was being interviewed by a camera crew. Very L.A. The man who runs the Salotto (I think he does) was very nice. I can't wait until Spring when we can sit outside in the courtyard.

Salotto Lorcano
Hotel Locarno
Via della Penna, 22
+(39) 06-361=0841


gibber said...

Those food and drink items all look BEAUTIFUL. They clearly understand the concept of eating with your eyes first.

Tanisha said...

nice.. I'll be coming to Rome next month sometime for a shoot. gotta check it out

J.Doe said...

Yes, the champagne cocktail is pretty but the accompanying food is prettier.
Hope you had a good time eating (and drinking)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

gibber - yes they do!

tanisha - hopefully the weather will be nicer by then. Basta with all this rain.

j.doe - Yes it is. You know how I feel about zee food.

Elizabeth Abbot said...

Hello NYC/Caribbean ragazza!
A twitter friend of yours passed me this post and I found an old blogging friend from back when you were planning your big move. I think that we (Gillian and I) should take you for a ladies nite out at the Salottto Locarno.
un grande bacio, Elizabeth from "cross cultural moments"

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Ciao Elizabeth! How are you? Yes, I would love to meet up you and Gillian. I'll send Gillian a DM.