Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lo Shopping: There's a Jo Malone in Rome!!!

I was jogging up Via del Babuino on my way to Villa Borghese park last week and saw the brand spanking new store. I couldn't believe it.

A Jo Malone opened in Milan in 2007.

I adore her line. The first time I heard of it was when a co-worker went to London years ago and brought us gifts. No one in the US outside of the fragrance/fashion worlds knew who she was.

Then a few years later she started selling the line at high-end American stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys etc.

Her stand alone store in NYC's Flatiron District is gorgeous. It was very close to my apartment and I spent way too much time and money in there. Excellent place for gifts.

I went to London for my birthday a few years ago and had to check out the flagship store on Sloane Street.

My favorite scents are Lime Basil Mandarin, Wild Fig & Cassis and the Pomegranate Noir.

I stopped by the store yesterday to buy myself a "start gift". Then I met up with with Erica, her friend and her friend's two adorable children at Hotel de Russie's garden for an outrageously expensive mojito. It was delicious.

Jo Malone
Via del Babuino, 42/43

The packaging is so classic and pretty.


Julie @ jublie's blog said...

Beautiful store. I love the attention to details. I live in the country so a fancy schmancy box like that just makes me dream. Thanks for sharing.


odisseaitaliana.com said...

I heart Jo Malone too. I would blend two fragrances together and have been trying to reproduce the scent on my own but non plu. I love Blue agava and cacao mixed with nectarine blossom and honey

dorina said...

oooohh . . i'll have to stop in one day! i've never been and i'm just in the west village.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Julie - you're welcome! I love their attention to detail as well. The man who helped me was so friendly (and a little over the top.)

odisseaitliana - oooh that combination sounds amazing.

dorina - The Flatiron District store is a treat. Well it was the last time I was there 13 years ago. Wow, time is flying.

Courtney aka glamah said...

My gavorite. I like to mix the Lavender Amber body cream with Eau de Cartier. Men have been known to follow me with that combo. I need to spulrge again soon.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Courtney - really? Perhaps I need to try that combo. :)