Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Lines down the block for the summer sales in Rome.

The summer sales started on Saturday. It was bananas.

In the States there are sales all the time. Not so here.

In Italy the big sales are in July and January. You might see a small store here or there hold a special but sales here are regulated by the State. They start in Milan and then continue down the boot for about a month.

The air was festive. I would say the crowds were split 50/50 between Italians and tourists.

The markdowns were no joke. Next sale season I will be ready!

The line outside of Gucci went on forever. Even after the store was opened.

Line outside of Burberry before it opened.

I wonder if any classic trench coats were on sale.

Line outside of Fendi. This building is gorgeous inside.


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

erin - whoa! yeah those lines are serious! i think i might have battled my way through the burberry one :)

Ciao Erin, something funky is going on with Blogger. I wasn't able to publish your comment so I cut and pasted it. x

Tina said...

Yes! The summer sales! *haert heart heart heart heart*. I have to get out and about here in Lecce and see how they are. :-)

Christine Gram said...

I love that the sales in Italy are early enough that you can still buy stuff in season. You still have time! I tend to hold out until the end of the month and see what goodies are left at 70-80% off.

regina di roma said...

Gucci and Burberry are the two places where I got the best deals a few years ago(before children began consuming any disposable income). 50% off right at the beginning of the sales, which was great.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Tina - Happy shopping!

christine - Yes I agree. The sales here are much earlier in the season than the big US sales.

regina - I was shocked to see how deep the markdowns were.