Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mariah and Nick Cannon. WTF?

I don't have a TV or Internet in my apt. and the supermarkets here do not sell magazines at the check out stands. That is why I am a little late asking about this wedding. In L.A. it was pretty much impossible to escape celebrity gossip. Here I have really no idea what is going on and don't miss it to be honest. How many times did I need to see Jen's face on the cover of some magazine saying "I'm over Brad". No you are not if you keep freaking talking about. Let it go Jen. Move on.

What is wrong with Mariah? Nick Cannon?! Really and no prenup?


joanne at frutto della passione said...

Can you believe I had to google Nick Cannon. Then I saw his face and went *Oh Him!* I think I must be missing the celebrity gossip gene.

a-rob36 said...

There's a reality show around the corner. Whitney will have nothing on Mariah. She just needs a snazzy catchphrase.

erin said...

haha! I check the perez everyday (hanging head in shame) ;) and yes, isn't this news just ridiculous?

Anonymous said...

tracey k/Ohio: I'm glad someone else thinks this is as ridiculous as I do, but I'm trying not to be a "hater." (LOL!) At 1st I thought it was a publicity stunt & for some reason, I still think it is. Mr. Cannon seems so goofy & immature. Didn't quite have him pictured as hubby material. See what you're missing, Ragazza? Nothing! (ha!)

glamah16 said...

It took everyone by surprise. Im still not really sure what his claim to fame is other than buying zillion dollar rings for his fiancees. I hope it works for them , she need some love with the success. I just hope he can keep up with her as shes all over the place.He says they both are like 12 year old children deep inside. Seems true.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

12-year-olds getting married, or these two getting married, are scary thoughts indeed.

BTW... Jen's now supposedly with John Mayer, in case you needed another gossip hit. ;-)

Anonymous said...

HA! Yes, I was just as shocked as everyone else when I first heard about the marriage. I didn't believe the rumor until I saw their wedding photos on the front cover of People Magazine in the grocery store. Talk about robbing the cradle. I think I'm a bit of a hater, though. If I had known that Nick Cannon liked older women, I would have gone after him myself. I think I'm one year younger than Mariah. LOL I say good for her. If Demi Moore can marry a younger man, why can't Mariah? Don't hate the player, hate the game. I wish them well.


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

ciao tutti!

I am not a hater. haha. I don't know how old Nick is so the age thing isn't what surprised me. It's that it seemed to come out of nowhere and he is very immature.

Could you imagine a reality show about them? Are they going to do duets now? You are right a-rob. Whitney "hell to the no" Houston has nothing on Mariah for drama. Although Bobby trumps Nick in that regard.

In all seriousness I do have a spot in my heart for Mariah and hope she is happy. This guy better treat her right.

I thought John Mayer was dating Jen Simpson again. I cannot keep up with these folks. It's a revolving door.

erin - there is nothing wrong with admitting you check Perez everyday. Once I actually have Internet in my apt. you know I am going to look at that site "ahem" once in a while.

Linda said...

Yeah, I heard about it from Lainey (way better than Perez, btw). Remember, Mariah has a new album out AND she has to go head to head with Madonna. So what better way to sell records than a wedding, right? Yeah, I'm a cynical old broad, I know ;)

Los Angelista said...

He's not K-Fed but he's pretty darn close! And supposedly they got married with no prenup! I mean, I don't have one but I'm also not Mariah Carey! I don't have half of anything to take! Have you seen is massive Mariah tattoo across his back? I mean, who gets that?

But, then again, what do we know? Maybe it'll work out. You never can tell with these crazy, bed-hopping celebs. I think the only couple I sort of root for is Brad and Angelina. Put me in Mr. and Mrs. Smith with her and I would have cheated too!

BigCNYC said...

I got money on this that it's a complete farce to sell her album. Be glad you're missing all this foolishness.

wordtryst said...

Popping by to let you know that author/literary agent/writing coach Orna Ross will be stopping by my blog on Sunday 18th (UK time - she's in Ireland) and will answer (by Monday) any questions left in the comment trail. You're welcome to drop in.

I'm not a Mariah girl so I'll hold my tongue. Won't say that it seems like a publicity stunt to me. And I always say, if older men can marry young girls and get away with it, more power to the women who marry younger men.

homebody at heart said...

Yes, hanging my head in shame I read another internet rag ;), the Superficial. Sometimes when I want to check out the italian scandal sheet, I read, but I don't know who a lot of the italian celebs are except for the soccer players and their wags.

Anonymous said...

tanya/PIT: they were so secretive about the wedding and now they seem to be parading themselves about town. less-than-idealistic record sales, perhaps? i'm not particularly interested in either of them but if they really are happy, then let them be. i'm just getting over the fact that he's no longer 19; who knew he was 27?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

linda - I forgot about her new CD. Going up against Madge? She can forget it. I haven't heard any of Mariah's new songs here in Italy. Madonna on the other hand is everywhere.

los angelista - ha! hello, I am straight but if Angelina had stepped to me (post her Billy Bob days) I would have had to consider it.

bigCnyc- that is just crazy. Does anyone take marriage seriously anymore? Who gets married to help record sales?

wordtryst - thanks for letting me know. So sorry I missed it. I just got my internet hooked up today.
I agree about older women/younger men. What's up with the double standard?

homebody - I have never heard of I
guess I will have to check it's work related of course. :)

tanya/PIT - thanks for stopping by. Hold up Nick is 27? Wow. I thought he was younger.

dalia said...

yes, married.
yes, prenup (that there was none was a false report).
i give it eight months.

you're not missing anything by missing out on gossip... we've been bombarded with images and news of them every day since it happened. *snore*

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

dalia - thanks for stopping and for the info. Thank God she has a pre-nup. She would be crazy not to.

eight months. ha. that would actually be a long time by celebrity standards. sad.