Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Enough with this rain, You've Got Mail, SJP on the cover of Vogue

It's still raining.

My pitch had to be rescheduled for next week. Of course it's scheduled to rain on that day as well. Boh.

I do have a ton of things to do, like work on my script, run to the bank etc. but to be honest I really don't feel like doing a darn thing in this weather. It's kind of silly, what does rain have to do with whether or not I sit in my apartment and write? If I had my things from the states I would make some soup.

Yesterday morning, it looked like it was finally clearing up a bit so I went to work out. Fifteen minutes later as I was crossing over the Tiber, I got soaked. It started to pour. ha

Anyway a little bit of sunshine (sorry, couldn't be helped) came through the mail yesterday. Via my membership in I get NEW YORK MAGAZINE (one of my favorites) and WIRED for free. I had canceled or let all my other magazine subscriptions run out but I still had a year left on VOGUE and they forward it to my Italian address no problem. I received my June issue. I read it cover-to-cover in one sitting.

I do buy Italian magazines but I get so frustrated that it takes me an hour to read an article in VANITY FAIR (here it's weekly). I really wanted to read and understand the post-election interview with Veltroni. With my dictionary I was able to finish it but mamma mia what was up with all the imperfect subjunctive (congiuntivo imperfetto)? I thought okay maybe Italian ELLE would be easier. Nope not really.

Here is the cover. Yes that is Chris Noth behind her. I have to post about SATC: The Movie (why are males studio execs surprised there is buzz for this movie?) some other time. I should get to work.


Los Angelista said...

Vanity Fair is weekly? Wow, that's a lot! Just imagine how in year you'll be coasting through a copy!

SJP looks pretty nice on the cover of Vogue, but I probably won't go see the movie, despite all the hype. It just doesn't appeal to me. It's the lack of diversity in the cast.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

But J. Hud is in it! I'm kidding. I'm still not sure about her as an actress.

re: Vanity Fair, I don't buy every it week but it's a good magazine covering politics, pop culture (John Grishman was on the cover last week, etc.

I haven't finished reading the interview with Grisham yet but I did understand the pull quote where he said America isn't ready for a black president. hmmm

Giulia said...

I dunno, SJP has a weird look on her face in that photo. She's definitely looked better, imo! Maybe something is poking her in the back of her head in that photo and caused her to have that face?! :p

joanne at frutto della passione said...

Linda and I have made a date to see SATC as soon as it comes out, even though it will be in Italian.
I've even bought a pair of shoes for the occassion!!

J.Doe said...

Did you buy an umbrella in case it rains again? There will be lots of sunny days too.

Paolo said...

it is raining in rome? Here it's cloudy but not rainy. Here to the South at least

LuLu said...

I don't know what it is but I LOVE getting magazines in the mail. I'm also looking forward to the SATC movie!! I have already made plans with my cousin to watch it as soon as it comes out! Very excited!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

giulia - very naughty. :)

joanne - that is bought shoes. haha I hope I can find an Original Language theater showing it in Rome.

j. doe - yes I do have an umbrella and I look forward to not using it soon!

paolo - it's supposed to clear up tomorrow. I walked to Trastevere today and noticed the Tiber was staring to overflow (it's natural banks not the big wall of course). That is how much rain we have received in the last few days.

lulu - I do too. I bunch of my friends in L.A. are going together.

erin said...

yep! mail is great :) it is funny we both wrote about that today! also, rain isn't so least not for days and days. We did finally have sun today :)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Can you find The Week in Rome? I like that because it covers news from so many different viewpoints. Since it originated as a British weekly, I'm not sure which version would be available in Italy.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

erin - I think the sun will come out tomorrow. Cannot wait. Yes it is funny we wrote about the same thing. I too have said "niente posta". I guess it better than receiving some bills.

jen - I will check my local newsstand. I have bought the International Tribune a few times. Now that I am back online, it's easier to keep up with current events.

ninety9 said...

it's raining here where i live as well. generally i like the rain but for the past 16 days we've had 14 days of rain. enough! i don't know what the media blitz is like in rome regarding SATC but it's sickening over here. i like SATC but all the publicity is making me ill. that being said, my friends and i are going to see it next week as well!

homebody at heart said...

Whenever it rains I want to stay home and make soup, too or sit by the fire and have hot cocoa. Here, we have been having incessant wind! The temperature doesn't matter, 75 or 105, it all comes with wind and the wind makes me irritable. I think that when it rains, the barometric pressure drops and that can affect mood...but I think I also have SAD- seasonal affective disorder, I need the sun!

Cinzia said...

Hi, caught your blog on your way to Italy, I am dating a first generation stuck in mud Italian who doesn't like to travel (outside of Mass or to visit his dad in Florida) eats at his moms every night (he's 50) we have been together 15 years (I'm not interested in marriage)(althought sometimes I think about it) he has two kids in there 20's) I would give my EYE TEETH to do what your are doing but I's a wus.

Anyway, sorry for all the whinning I am dying to see it, love Chris Noth, and SJP! I didnt' have HBO and have been watching the reruns forever. Ciao

Cherrye - My Bella Vita said...

I cant wait for that movie! I thought of you a few weeks ago when my friend emailed me and said, "You won't be here by May 30 will you? We are having cosmos before the movie!"


But, I will see it in italiano with Michelle and Dawn!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

ninety9 - there is a ton of publicity here as well. I walked into my bank (!) yesterday and there was a big poster. There is a contest with a prize of trip to NYC.

homebody - I need to see the sun every few days as well. Hello my people are from the Caribbean, where there is a lot of sun. :)

cinzia - Ciao! You mean you can't convince your boyfriend to come to Italy just for a few weeks? He eats at his moms every night? wow. Allora...enjoy the movie.

cherrye - you ladies in Calabria have fun. I don't know enough Italian to watch the movie dubbed. If there isn't a versione originale, I'm in trouble.

Linda said...

I agree with Giulia. SJP does look weird on the cover. But Joanne and I will definitely go and see the movie. Bring on the cosmopolitains!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

linda - I was going to make a comment which referenced Mr. Big but changed my mind. ha

bleeding espresso said...

I'm sad that the weirdly photoshopped SJP on Vogue as well...ironically enough just this morning on Comedy Central was the episode where Carrie appears on a mag all nasty with a cig and the title "Single and Fabulous?"

Excited for the movie although I wish it was in original language. Haven't these people heard of subtitles ;)