Monday, May 12, 2008

I got no sleep last night...thanks Inter!

Roma won yesterday's match. Inter (not to be called Inter Milan, hello) did not win theirs. So now Roma is only one point behind them. Inter could have won the league title two matches ago.

There is only one more game left. If Roma draws and Inter loses, Inter wins for the third year in a row because they have done better in head-to-head match ups. If Roma wins and Inter loses not sure what will happen. I don't want to ask G. He is a BIG Inter fan. He has been stressed the last few weekends over the games. I can't even talk to him about soccer/football. Poverino. (poor thing)

There is a cafe/bar down the street. I walked over to watch part of the game. The commentary from the viewers in the bar and on the street (what I could understand of it) was priceless. In the States soccer as a pro-sport is as popular as lacrosse. Everywhere else in the world it's a religion.

People were yelling so loudly when the Inter score came up. Later, I heard fans singing the Roma anthem/song until 2 in the freaking morning. I had all the windows shut did not matter.

Next weekend is going to be bananas.


Giulia said...

Soccer is as religious to the Italians as football is to Americans. My advice would be to invest in a good pair of ear plugs! ;)

Autumn said...

Hi! Just wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog.
The street I live on in Milan is strictly Inter fans. The corner bar overcrowds for every game and the trendy restaurant in my building is owned by some Inter players so you can imagine the chaos that goes on on my street.
I'm really worried as the weather gets warmer and I am forced to open my windows. I'm afraid my 2 month old will never sleep with all the noise! I guess we will have to adjust somehow. (the portable air conditioner I am buying should help!)
Take care,

Linda said...

As a "Milanista" I had to laugh at your post. I cannot believe that Inter might lose the championship after leading it for most of the season. And Inter fans are so used to losing they won't even mention the word "scudetto". Too superstitious. I kind of feel sorry for the poor guys.
If you think it's bad now, just wait till the European Cup this summer.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Well, it's the sign of heart in a big city, I guess. ;-)

It was always interesting in NYC when the Yanks or the Mets won, right? You're (cough, cough) too much younger than I, but I still remember the mayhem in '69 when the Mets won.

homebody at heart said...

I felt so bad for Marco Materazzi. He apologized for missing the penalty kick. They all look sort of resolved to their fate whatever it might be.

'A Tuscan view.....from Umbria' said...

You having fun, honey? Sounds like you need to move to the sticks, the only sound that keeps us awake at night is the frogs eating twice!
:)- Amanda

Claudia said...

oh, that reminds me when I was there and Italy just won the European semis!! It was a blast...everyone driving around honking and yelling and waving flags...

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

giulia - thanks for the advice... a sleepless ragazza is a cranky one. ha

autumn - thanks for stopping by. Oh I feel for you! I wonder the same thing about warm weather/open windows = no sleep because of all the noise.

linda - I am so excited about the Euro cup. I was in L.A. for the World Cup and it was so boring because none of my friends or co-workers cared. Thank god the New York Times had a great World Cup blog so I could keep up with what was going on.

jen - Yes you are correct I don't remember the '69 Mets, but do remember the Yankees winning a few times. I wish I was in NYC when the Giants won the Superbowl this year. It was a major upset.

homebody - I would hate to be him right now. :(

a tuscan - amanda I laughed out loud at the frog statement. ha. As a single woman I would be too sacred to live out in the sticks by myself.

claudia - it is going to be a very interesting summer. I hope France and Italy do not play each other. I would hate to root against either of them.

Kataroma said...

I think that's the thing about living in the historical centre of Rome - there are so many bars and pubs and that's where everyone goes to get drunk and make noise and especially watch football. I know that that they had some big problems a couple of years ago at Campo di Fiori with drunken people throwing bottles and fighting and for a while there they had a police van stationed there every night.

You don't need to move to the sticks but somewhere a bit more residential might be less noisy. Didn't hear anything (except my husband watching the match!) at our place. :)

LuLu said...

I could just imagine how crazy it was when Roma won. It will be sheer chaos if they win the scudetto.

Italians and their soccer....there is nothing else like it. The only time things get rowdy in Canada is when Italy plays in the World Cup or Euro Cup. I can't wait for Euro Cup this summer!! :)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Kataroma - Remember that NYT article (I know Shelley and a couple of other expat bloggers linked to it) about how the locals who lived by Campo de fiori and Piazza Trilussa were fed up with all drunk foreign students and "punkabistas", not sure how to spell the latter. Thank god I don't live right on the piazze. I can't imagine how loud it must get.

I think I will get used to the fri/sat noise at some point. I used to live on 22nd and 2nd in Manhattan and could sleep through all the sirens racing down the street to one of the three hospital on 1st ave. It's just when I stay at G.'s place, who lives less than a five minute walk from me, it was so quiet. Not a sound. ha

lulu - Thanks for stopping by. I was in St. Martin (French side) for my Grandmother's funeral when France made it to the finals. The place went nuts.

I'm seeing more Euro Cups ads now. I think it starts next month. I better get some ear plugs. :)

Los Angelista said...

You're a former New Yorker, the noise will start to lull you to sleep eventually!

And gosh, last time the Lakers won a championship, there was very minimal cheering. I don't even remember it being anything special. So the hype there has got to be such a shift from the LA blase thing.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

los angelista - that is so true!! I lived in L.A. for 10 years and thru a few Laker's championships. The city doesn't feel any different after they win. I think it's because it's so spread out. Meanwhile when a NYC team wins a championships, folks are spilling out into the streets, there is the big ticker tape parade down Broadway etc. It's so festive. Same with Boston, Philly, Chi-town etc. L.A. is just more laid back. said...

I'm predicting you'll be ok with the last game.... but don't hold me to it. Good luck!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

joe - you were correct!