Friday, April 04, 2008

Flashback Friday - It's a sign

Okay this not having Internet in my apartment is a pain. I have so many emails to return.

I finally found the street my apartment to be is on. I came to Rome for the first time three years ago this week. I took a picture of a friend. Guess what street sign was in the background? Really of all the streets in Rome?

Yesterday I went to 'Gusto Osteria and then cut through Borghese Park. It was gorgeous out. Hot jogger running with two friends waved and yelled "boun giorno"... I did not know him.

Still waiting to hear back from my landlord to be. I will be relieved once I can actually unpack and move into my place.

Today's Flashback is this post.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm glad that you made it to Rome safely. I am looking forward to reading about your adventures.


mental mosaic said...

Ready or not: Looks like the adventure has already begun!

Glad you made it safe and sound... Where the heck is your landlord?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

ms. atl - thank you.

mental mosaic - grazie. ha. I hope to hear from her early next week. I know she is not on the internet all the time. She's a busy grandmother.

Linda said...

Hey, that guy running in the park wouldn't happen to be the same one running after Giovanna Mezzogiorno at the end of L'Ultimo Bacio? Hmmmm... Now I see why you moved to Rome.

Janet said...

You'll begin feeling at home more when you have your own place. We can't wait to hear all about it!


Anonymous said...

tracey k/ohio: that was a pretty cool flashback post. And look where you are now. Amazing, isn't? It all sounds so exciting! Have a great weekend exploring!

gibber said...

SO COOL. I am living vicariously thru you :)

glamah16 said...

OK that eerie. Talk about Pre destiny. I have a similar story in relation to my partner. Pictures of a visit to Stockholm( before I met him) right underneath his office! Who knew at the time.
I would have yelled Buon Giorno back to the hot jogger. So diffrent from the LA guys right?

Tina said...

I'm confused about the street. Is there a hint somewhere in the flashback? I need more coffee ;-)

bleeding espresso said...

It's a sign is right! And hot joggers are a nice addition to any day ;)

Delina said...

Aren't there any free networks you can "borrow" internet from?

Anonymous said...

Being black in Rome seems to attract lots of attention, it happened to me too when I lived in Rome! At times it was flattering, at times frightening & at times frustrating.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

linda - ha... you are too funny. No it was not the same guy.

janet - yes, I am looking forward to getting settled.

tracey k. - I still don't believe I live here now. What difference a year makes.

gibber - :)

glamah16 - that is def. a sign! I was so taken aback I didn't have time to react. :)

tina - ha. Okay I took a photo of a friend of a friend on a street three years ago during my first trip to Rome. The sign for the street was in the background. My apartment to be in on that street. weird. It's a small side street not like I'm living on Via del Corso or anything.

bleeding espresso - sono d'accordo!

delina - there aren't any near my place. I only have a week or so to go before I get back online. Yes.

anon - I will have to post about this. It's very disorienting after living L.A. for almost 10 years to have a member of the opposite sex even acknowlegde your presence.

In L.A. my friends and I would got to these parties like the Vibe/Queen Laitifah Oscar party filled with brothers and no one would step to you unless you had a very specific look, like beyonce's. Here the few black guys I have seen (mostly West Indian via the Uk or France) will nod, say ciao, etc. I haven't had the obnoxious stuff happen but I've only been here a couple of days and it's not summer yet.

wordtryst said...

Followed your flashback link. Great post, and having read it I'm more convinced than ever that you're doing the right thing.

Also, what gibber said.

Anonymous said...

i meant attention from non-black guys in Rome, that's what really freaked me out! it was constant and from really young to the really old. At first it was flattering because like most Americans, I wasn't used to this. Then it become frustrating and somewhat frightening because it seemed like many times, it was just merely due to the fact that i was black. and that wasn't so cool with me. But hey, Que Sera Sera!
-same anon as before

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

wordtryst - ha. You live in a pretty special place as well.

anon - I agree if it were constant it would be very annoying. That has not been my experience. Maybe because I am older so the guys are not checking for me? For me it's once in a while and has been so far, very respectful, more flirting than leering or the obnoxious stuff I used to hear from construction workers and random guys when I lived in DC.