Tuesday, July 11, 2006

the strike and wtf is up with L.A. brothers?

So not sure if it's from watching for a month, very attractive men in great shape play with such passion but I am so over this stupid "strike". Not sure what to do about it.

I was think about it this morning and bumped into a friend as I was leaving the gym. Let me be clear this is not going to be a Terry McMillian-ish rant but what my friend told me reminded me why I'm on strike.

As usual when single women in L.A. get together, we complained about the lack of dating. For black women here it's even worse. Now this friend I was talking to is very pretty, smart, funny and thin. She is over it. We can't figure out if it's self hatred, the shallowness of Los Angeles, the influence of video hoes or what but something is very wrong in the state of Denmark.

I thougth I had heard and seen it all but the following example takes the cake. A friend of her's, whom I've met, told her several brothers have backed off/lost interest after they found out both of her parents are black. Okay this girl is very light-skinned with straight hair so you can see why some people assume she is bi-racial. I am perplex why the brothers who have a preference (most do) for that look would care about the ethnic make up of her parents. She's still light. Ugh!

This chocolate girl is on strike until conditions improve. I fear as long as I live in this dumb ass city I will continue to spend Friday nights watching the Food Network.


moscerina said...

after 7 years of living in LA, i think i can safely say that all guys in LA are fucked. Which now freaks me out since i am considering moving back.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Really? If you have family here I get it, otherwise don't do it!!