Friday, July 21, 2006

1-800 Dentist, America's number one hobby

I assume those dentist ads are supposed to be horrible. I can't imagine they do not know that the ads look terrible and are poorly acted, esp. the one with the bride and her mom.

I recently had drinks with an HBO exec who saw on the news that the number one hobby in America is.....Shopping! No wonder the average American has over 10k in credit card debt. This cannot be a good thing.

I might have to stop looking at Jess,Tracie B. and Niki's photos. It just depresses me. I would love to be sitting on the beach in St. Martin, Ischia or Positano right about now.

My parents said it was pretty hot in St. Martin but it's boiling here as well. At least there I could be chilling on Baie Rouge, Friar's Bay or Le Gallion beach. I would have said Dawn Beach but they are building a very unattractive and much too big hotel there. The Dutch side of the island is going to over develop itself into the ground.

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gibber said...

Woman, you wanna talk about debt, you should see the movie Maxed Out. We just screened it and it is POWERFUL.

OT, the worst commercial EVER is that "Head ON" commercial. AHHHH. it gives me a migrane just hearing it!!