Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sprinkles Cupcakes, why must you move into my neighborhood?!

I walked down to Blockbuster to return a movie the other day. On the way back I passed by a brown buidling near Real Food Daily (more about that place later).

I knew the color looked familiar. I took a closer look and there was the sign. Sprinkles is coming. Sprinkles is very happening. They have a cupcake shop in Beverly Hills on Little Santa Monica Blvd. It is always packed eventhough cupcakes are like $40 a pop.

Here is the website:

Certain flavors they have everyday and others like red velvet, banana, vanilla milk chocolate and carrot are only available on certain days.

I am very annoyed they will be so close. I am trying to lose weight dammit!

Okay back to Real Food Daily. This a hard core vegan place. I had to go with my former boss, an actor/director, when we went to meet a producer for lunch. The place was packed with actors. I had this salad I wouldn't feed to a rabbit. Me no likey.


Ms Adventures in Italy said...

YUM YUM YUM! The cupcakes, not the salad...I'll be in CA for a few weeks starting tomorrow so I hope I can try some of these yum things. :)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Have a safe trip back to Cali. If you make down south to the Sprinkles in Beverly Hills, let me know.

Janet said...

Sprinkles sounds GREAT! velvet, carrot...YUM!

When's lunch? I'm already hungry!