Friday, January 27, 2006

Mi piace la mia classe ( I like my class), peace agreement on hold?

I love my new italian conversational class. We met last night in the library at the Insituto. There are 10 of us in the class. 3 of my friends are in it along with 2 of my former classmates. It was good to see everyone and our professor, Roberto, is great.

He asked (98 percent of all conversation is in italian, sometimes we will ask him to explain something in english) me to tell the class what Italian film I have seen lately. I said Romanzo Criminale. He said great tells us about the movie. Uhmm right, so I basically had to give the plot and my opinion in Italian. With a some help I was able to have an coherent conversation.

The lead news story this morning was, what is going to happen with the peace agreement with Prime Minister Sharon in the hospital and the Hamas landslide? How is this new goverment going to work? Will the EU, USA and other countries recognize Hamas as a political party? Will the current Palestinian PM who remains in office, be effective now that his party is in the minority? His party followers are not happy, the polls had indicated they would hold on to more parliment seats. What happened?


gibber said...

Democracy can be a BITCH! Palestinians voted out what they saw as corrupt, ineffective government. The true test will be whether Hamas agrees to lay down arms and actually tries to rule. If they do, it's a step forward. If they don't, Bush is fucked...because his whole "democracy" thing produced a result he can't deal with. Same thing in Venuzuala. Hugo Chavez was ELECTED, like him or not. In Iraq, the Shia and Kurds may shut out the Sunnis...they were elected and have enough power to rule over them. Democracy is ugly. May i remind people that it wasn't until, oh 40 years ago, that black people finally had full and equal access to the polling booth all across the US (not just in the north). Geesh. It's gonna be an interesting year in the middle east. God help us all.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

It will be interesting to see what Hamas does and if we will cut off aid. You are right Bush and the west are in a tough position. How kind of relationship can we have with a government who says one of our allies shouldn't even exist? This is different from the cold war, very, very complicated and let's not forget the whole oil situation.