Thursday, January 26, 2006

2 down 10 to go! Project Runway

These crazy bootcamp classes must be working. Although it's hard to get up in the dark, at 6:00 a.m., I feel great after the class. I have so much energy and I can tell I am losing some inches.

I wanted to lose 12 pounds, would be happy with 9 but going for the gold. So far lost 2. I'm sure if I did the South Beach diet I would have lost more by now. However, I really don't want to gain it all back the minute I eat some pasta. Cutting out whole food groups is stupid and makes me very, very cranky. When I went to stay with my dutch relatives after college, I noticed they ate bread, cheese, butter, nutella (this is not a low calorie food item!!), whatever and were thin. It's all about portions and not eating a ton of junk food.

Speaking of junk, I so want to try the new Black Cherry Vanilla coke. I see those damn billboards everywhere. I don't know where this willpower is coming from. Instead of drinking coke every weekend while reading scripts, I decided cut back to one Saturday a month. I think I'll treat myself next weekend. Also I cut way, way back on candy. There is an amazing, high end chocolate store across the street from our office that also sells Swedish Fish and Jelly Bellys. My two favorite candies. The chocolate is crazy expensive but I used to stop by that store a couple times a week and get a little candy. That adds up. Now I get a small amount on Thursdays. Doesn't take much to make me happy.

Re: Project Runway. Let this be a lesson, stealing model's is not cool. Sistergirl was wrong. She should have focused on her craft and not just competing.

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