Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Koo Koo Roo, Italiano

There are a couple of local chains Angelenos love, like In-n-Out. I haven't eaten there in a while but the food is good. I don't understand the love for Koo Koo Roo. In the 7 years I've lived here I think I have bought food from there twice. After yesterday I remember why. For now on it will be a Koo Koo don't.

I am trying to eat better, so instead of getting a slice of pepperoni pizza and a coke on the avenue, I went across the street. I ordered skinless, roasted chicken and steamed veggies. First of all, the chicken tasted like cardboard and then later that day I became sick.

I thought I had just really bad cramps, which would be weird to get at the end of my cycle. When I got home (without getting too graphic) and went to the ladies room, I realized what the hell was going on. I have never had stomach pain that bad. My co-worker gave me some Aleve and Tums, which did not help. Or maybe it did and prevented me from passing out. At one point I thought if childbirth is worst than this, I don't how I will make it. Doesn't matter that I can't remember the last time I had sex, these are the things I worry about as my clock expires.

My post St. Martin depression has lifted because I booked my trip to Italy. I was going to go in the fall but need to go back earlier for some meetings on one of my projects. Since I will be there anyway might as well travel. I am renting a great apt. in Trastevere. My friend Ettore, put me in touch with a friend of his. His friend is an actor on a series that shoots in Naples, so he rents out his place in Rome. I'm paying less for the apartment because I went through the owner and not the rental agency. This trip wouldn't be possible without my parents. I am using the money they gave me for my birthday and Christmas. I could use the money to put towards a new car but I need to get out of Hell-lay.

Speaking of Italia, I started my classes on Monday. I'm a little rusty. The class is small, only 5 students and I have the same "professore" from last year. Monday night went to dinner with a producer friend's assistant. She thought we should meet. He is Roman and went to grad school at the London School of Economics, so he speaks perfect English. We spoke italian for the first 15 minutes. He said he will email me to help me practice writing the language.

The Italian Cultural Institute per several student's request is offering a conversational class for the intermediate level. Before they only offered advanced conversational classes. Three of my classmates from last year are taking it and the class starts tomorrow night. Hopefully having two classes a week, doing the homework, watching movies and listening to my pimsleur CDs will help. It's not the same as total immersion but moving to Rome is not an option right now. Non posso aspettare per il mio viaggio (I cannot wait for my trip)!!


Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Great! You're coming to Italy. I'm sure this will make you brush up your skills very quickly.

When are you coming? - I used to live in Trastevere when I was in Rome, and a good friend still lives there.

Let me know if you're coming up north to Milan!

Ms Adventures in Italy said...

PS: Let me know if you want to exchange (short, I'm busy too) emails in Italian.

Non vedo l'ora di partire!! (I can't wait to leave!) Literally "I can't see the hour" instead of using aspettare.

gibber said...

koo koo roo sure sounds like...koo koo! LOL hehehhe.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

gibber, okay, that koo koo comment is not that witty yet I still laughed. loudly.

rosso99, I responded on your blog. Ciao.