Monday, January 09, 2006

Flavor Flav/Hell ay

Can Mike Fleiss sue? Basically Flav's show is a ghetto version of The Bachelor. My friends were talking about the show and I couldn't quite believe my eyes. The woman who was hysterically crying after not receiving a clock...was she serious? I wonder what Chuck D thinks.

"Los Angeles is 27 suburbs in search of a city." Joan Didion

I went to jr/high school in the suburbs and it doesn't even have the perks of suburban living (i.e. great public schools).

Been back only a few days and already planning my next trip out of this place. I have been here 7 years. Why do I still hate it? I thought by now it things would be better. I do things outside of the business, take classes and volunteer and yet I look forward to the day I can do my job elsewhere. It just feels souless to me. No energy or flavor. It's hard to explain.

Now with my friends leaving or wanting to leave it's actually getting worse living here. This is not a city for single older women.

However, my work is here and I need to change my attitude. I'm treated like doo-doo on a stick in LA but yet every time I leave the city it's different story. Instead of getting bummed out about this I should get over it. I have to live here and not worry about what shallow morons think.

I crack up when my male colleagues complain the women they meet only want to date men with money and nice cars and how high maintenance they are. If they stopped dating "mattresses" they wouldn't have these problems. I'll never forget being at a birthday party for a studio exec and this bland 40 year old hit on a very pretty 20 year saying his movie was opening that weekend. She couldn't care less and he was taken aback, shocked!! Maybe she didn't care about his Porsche or maybe she thought his movie was cheesy. I just thought it was bizarre that was his opening line. I have to get out. I don't want to be living here full time when I'm 45 (that would be 95 by Hollywood standards).


JCinNYC said...

Waiting for it (whatever "it" may be) to get better, to change, to move forward is SO frustrating. And I'm sure returning from the natural beauty of the Carribbean to all that is so very unnatural about L.A. doesn't help. But you are one of the most talented, thoughtful, intelligent, hard-working, dedicated, generous, kind people I've met in the entertainment industry -- or anywhere, for that matter. The fact that you've stuck it out in a hellacious town in a brutal business for seven years and stayed true to who you are and what you want gives the rest of hope and inspiration. To quote a very wise woman: "2006 is going to be a great year". I concur. And whether the year is great or not -- YOU are already great. Hang in there, girl.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Thanks JCinnyc! What a nice thing to say. I should refrain from writing during my boring, "all I do is read shitty scripts" weekends. I also remember saying that 2006 was all about positivity. Damn, not even a week in and I'm salty already. :)

gibber said...

I know something that will cheer you up - the Sopranos are about to come on. I mean, that gets me through the week (that and 24, but I understand that you don't follow that show).

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

LOL. I should watch the re-runs to get up to speed. You know Livia's house is located in Verona and the exterior of the Soprano house is in Caldwell.

I wish they would bring Furio back.

Speaking of Verona, I looked at my yearbooks over the holidays. It really doesn't seem that long ago we were hanging out at Anna Capri's or Lakeside Deli.